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instead of starting one thread for each one of my project , since i sometime never finish them due to work and life constraint … i decided to create a ingle thread where i would put all my work in progress .

the diesel punk pilot :

some test with mudbox real time rendering + post

i am also working on redesigning my red star 47 vehicle with the intent to get it 3d printed

and some mudbox real time rendering + post


moving forward with the pilot / crew


looking good as always :smiley:
you know what would be cool :slight_smile: (and it would mean u’d stop sleeping completly?) ? If you started making a movie using your characters. This last design has a bit of the Miyazaki, or steamboy (or even last exile) kind of feel to it.
It be really cool to see a movie with this kind of esthetics:D


This last design has a bit of the Miyazaki, or steamboy (or even last exile) kind of feel to it.

thank you …
to have my work even remotely connected to the art of such people like Miyazaki and otomo is the best compliment i ever got on cgtalk !!! :bowdown::arteest::blush:


That second picture of the pilot ( mudbox real time rendering + post) is really nice, it almost looks hand done, it’s more subtle that the NPR renders I usually see.
Nice models too!


augusto venturi was nice enough to let me play with one of his amazing model again

first test render in bunkspeed pro

and some test with zbrush + post


Is that Spawn? looking awesome


i second that, that’s really cool sculpt and shaders.
also id love to actually see a comics using that kind of line art(from the last picture)


thank you guys …

here another test of this technique , to see if it work with more smooth surface that have a lot less details


did test it with colors


looks almost handpainted really cool. We want bigger pics tho!


thank you … i would render bigger image of the spawn when i get time o move back to it …
for now i need to put more steam into the red star 47 since the model kit have been officially announced :slight_smile:


latest update on the pilots :


Hey chris, cool work, I have been following closely on facebook. Just out of curiosity, how did you get you get in touch with those kit producers? you just applied there or they contacted you directly? I’d be interested in knowing more.


model kit? Wow :smiley: I always felt that was gonna happen
way to go Christophe!


@ fabio , thank you :slight_smile:
@ pussycat , i came n contact to them trough common ""friend “” but they did saw my work already a couple of year ago and did plan to contact me a some point .
on se contact par messanger et je te donne + d’info … :deal:


Great news about the model kit! Your models always have great form and shapes, and having seen what IndustriaMechanika have done with Ian McQue’s work, I’m sure 47 will translate really well :o)


thank you ,
yes i am very exited about :slight_smile:

some toying around in bunkspeed , taking a break from sculpting


and another one :slight_smile:


Fixed the bad link…sorry


so many view and so little comment around … seem that this stuff is really boring
did some more work on the characters and some render test