xtrm 3d statement concerning switching application !!


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[B]Wow. I guess I should chime in and say that as a newbie to major 3D apps in general, I own a personal copy of Lightwave that I’m in the process of learning.

However, on the side, I’m also getting familiar with Max (via work) and Maya and XSI (PLE/Exp versions).

I expect to be using LW and, at least, Maya as effective “tools” to furthur my career in a posthouse somewhere, or more preferably ON MY OWN!!! (damn, XSI is sweeeet but way to much $$$ for me personally)

But a point I have to make is this…If I work primarily with after effects, does that mean I shouldn’t learn combustion? Or if I work on an Avid Symphony does that preclude me from working on a Flame?

This is a tough industry and any edge that we, as individuals, can get…we should take.

More power to all Lightwavers who choose to branch out and become multi-faceted pillars of the CG community:D [/B]

I can’t really comment on 3d apps as I know very little. I make my bucks doing UNIX work, the more flavors the better. I know as much as I can about each flavor of any tool or OS that I will be using in my professional life. Learn the theory and you can be ‘comfortable’ at least in anything.

just my experience though, the art world may be different, but I doubt it.


I’ll bite - what’s the PLE?


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I’ll bite - what’s the PLE?

Personnal Learning Edition :beer:


Just thought I’d drop in my two cents also…

I’m also currently learning Maya. Not only for pleasure, but also for more job opportunities.
That said, I’ll never stop using LightWave, and never stop buying upgrades for it. I bought the upgrade to lw8 in July and I’m eager as h*** to play/work with it. I’ve been working as a modeler and an animator for two years now and even though they used Max at work, I persuaded them to letting me use LW (since that’s the tool I was initially familiar with + I love it). LW is now completely integrated in our pipeline and some of the others here are learning it as well. I have nothing against Max (besides personal preferances :slight_smile: ) and I use it when I have to (because some things are simpler in Max) but LW is where my heart is and it’ll allways be.


Unfortunately the Maya PLE does still have the kinda intrusive watermarking but I still say it’s great. You have access to all the tools and that’s enough to master the software.

The XSI Exp version also has watermarks but they are far more subtle.

Both the Maya PLE and the XSI Exp use a special file system that only works with them (so you can’t, unfortunately, take your files out of them and put them in the full versions of the programs).

But the important thing is to learn :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Leigh

But the important thing is to learn :slight_smile:

… And to buy …in the end :slight_smile:


Well that goes without saying :smiley:


Actually, if a couple of things turn out good, i’m going to change my old crappyosaur PC&monitor and also get a exp XSI CD to try it!

From the interface and some pdf I have, seems to be a powerful and similar to Lw philosophy app, but with the power of Maya inside, the only obstacle being its price. hope price goes a little down lets say to maya level…also, i’m going to try Z brush for modelling in these days :smiley: my friends say its very good and a different more artistic approach to modelling indeed. :slight_smile:


I would love to learn Softimage and Houdini SideEffects. I did not know SOftimage had a learning edition. I’ll have to get it today. I tried SideEffects learning edition a couple of times but I have yet to get a dl of it that actually installs for me???


Knowledge is the key to everything. Stick to one app only and you could be busted when suddenly that program isn´t hype anymore.
use what ever you like. i for one use lightwave for modeling and maya and motionbuilder for animation, (maybe that´ll change when LW8 comes out who knows. I´m learning maya at the moment and have fun with it even thou its a heavy package and in some cases too complicated for my needs, that´s why i still model everything in LW. and that will stay for a while. By the way how is the jobsituation in berlin at the time. i will be finished with my studies in july and am allready thinking about where to send my reel then?


One thing i’m dissappointed about is the Maya PLE 5.0 left out the obj import…I really wanted to use my own models to learn rigging in that program…other than that…it’s a great little program to learn with:)


nice to see how this thread was keep civilised :slight_smile:

for my part i dont use lw cause i cannot afford the other toy…
but cause i like it :slight_smile: ( working most of the time as an employer in a company … dont have to buy them … … … and for the little freelance i do … then my lw liscence is good enough and fit most of my need )

just installed the max 6 30day demo

expect to see an " agent x goes max " thread very soon …



You go bouyee!:thumbsup:


Originally posted by xtrm3d
[B]nice to see how this thread was keep civilised :slight_smile:

for my part i dont use lw cause i cannot afford the other toy…
but cause i like it :slight_smile: ( working most of the time as an employer in a company … dont have to buy them … … … and for the little freelance i do … then my lw liscence is good enough and fit most of my need )

just installed the max 6 30day demo

expect to see an " agent x goes max " thread very soon …

:drool: [/B]

Lets just post those IN the max forum… :slight_smile:


Lets just post those IN the max forum…

i would for sure … in the same way that i posted my maya test in the maya forum… and in the same way that i would continue to post my lw work in the lw forum …


Learning multiple apps.

There is a pitfall to this, especially when it comes to being the choice for the app you will use to make a living.

In order to compete you need to be as good as you can be in order to compete against those also looking for work but specialize in that application. A person who knows a little about two applications is useless.

And with the learning curve of even the most user freindly of these applications is steep enough to warrent some heavy time commitment. I have been using LW for 4 years now and using it almost every day for a good number of hours out of each day.

And I can say without qualification, that while I have a good overall grasp at the app, I am still learning better and different ways to apply the hundreds of tools and options supplied by the application.

When you expect someone to pay you for your work, you do not have the luxury of learning as you go along, there are deadlines and production expectations. You have to be able to churn out the product while applying artistic creativity. You are no longer your own boss and in order to be able to compete for jobs at that level you need to know the application like the back of your hand.

It was stated that You whis to work for someone, this is a whole different animal than working for your self going free lance.


hello pnevai,

your are almost true…
i too have developed some skills in lw
and i never stop to learn new way of doing stuff in lw

but sadely , over there in berlin … almost nobody use lw in a production environemt …

they look at my work and tell me how good they find it … then i tell them i did it in lw… and…upppsss…
no maya ?? no max ??
sorry we dont have a job for you … :frowning:

and i really see a lot of people getting good job only cause they told them that they " know " maya and often the reality is differant …
playing with the fluid effect or paint effect is not knowing an application …
but cause in a lot of big ompany the guys from the human resource … dont know anything about 3d in general … they only hire the people cause the " know " maya

over ther in germany … it´s look like the industry … think … 3d app are like german car … expensive = good

lw is and stay my application of choice !!
but if i want to get a job in berlin … i have to expend my skill set …

on the other way … that is the artist and not the tool …

:shrug: :beer:


I agree with your last post Christophe… Sad but true… :frowning:

Anyway… I 'm sure you’ll keep doing such great stuff, whatever application you’ll use in the future… :thumbsup:


Beyond LW I know max, truespace (my first), just started with Maya and I will probably look at XSI, zbrush and body paint 2 as well.

Knowing every little feature of a program is great if you are freelancer and only have that software to use but in a studio environment I don’t need to be perfect because I just ask my buddy at the next cube which button to press does what I want if I can’t figure it out. Works every time for me.

knowing how to employ multiple lights to imitate the look of a radiocity render will translate to all software. knowing how to handle a dopesheet, channels and the principles of animation will translate to all software. UV is a UV is a UV. knowing the skills is more important than the software in almost every case I can think of.

That said if you have time to master several packages and your skills more power to you. My brain is full to bursting as it is. I have finally given up learning new short cut keys and just change all of them to the same in all my 3d sofware makes getting around so much easier .




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