Xstream rendertime


I’ve postet this in the e-on forums as well but nobody’s responded, hope for better luck here.
If I set Lightwave to render to an antialiasing level of say, 9. Am I then correct when asuming that Vue also renders it’s scene 9 times, and each time renders to full quality? If so then this must be an enormous wast of time. Or am I wrong and Vue splits it render so that full quality is reached only after the 9. pass?


Well, I just got a reply on e-ons forum that solved it. Xstream is treated as a volumetric plugin. So all I had to do was to turn off Volumetric antialliasing, and now Vue only renders it’s parts one time. A big thank you to David Ballesteros!


Thanks nanaboso, I am also having xstream rendering time issue! Sound like you got the solution, thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:


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