XSI v.2.0.2 is now available on softimage.com!


For registered/active customers:


This update to XSI version 2.0 includes the entire XSI Hair/Fur simulation system, along with over 200 additional performance enhancements and fixes. All customers who have purchased XSI version 2.0 or who received it as an upgrade, may download and
run this update at no extra charge.

This update also activates the licensing for the new SOFTIMAGE|XSI Batch rendering product. If you have acquired new XSI Batch licenses, you will need to download and install this version of XSI in order to utilize the licenses. For more information on the new processing and rendering family of products, please visit http://www.softimage.com/Products/ProRen/.


whats so different about the hair/fur system?

Just curious. Maybe I should just check the site.:rolleyes:



75317 “Merge to New Source” not working on Linux (OK on NT)
75707 Keep FCurve timing fixed (Fcurves scaled to compensate the framerate change) not working.
76129 IK effector transforms should always be exported in local

75925 FX: Fxtree - when rendering to .AVI or .MOV, the images are highly compressed and look bad

Data management
75313 XSI is unable to properly save scenes, from a Mapped DFS network mount
75736 Data management: File-Open-cancel from Load scene window, causes XSI to crash.
76007 XSI -r -import doesn’t or XSI -script toto-ignor.vbs doesn’t work
76065 Forward cross-model reference of Instanced FCurves not supported
76475 Scene crash on load - Cage Deform corruption
76474 RefModel : Properties on referenced model are not saved anymore
77130 Lost of image clips: image clip are flagged “not used” even if shaders do use it
77018 Shape animation imports badly from SI3D

76926 Documentation cd: Guides will open to cover pages of other areas (Links in the HTML documentation that point to other guides in the collection now work as long as you open the guides from the main menu pages)
77625 Documentation CD | Info page of PDF format | keeping the menu open directions refers to acrobat 4.05 (The instructions for how to use the Acrobat Reader has been updated)
77647 Documentation CD | Can’t install Acrobat on Linux, DOS2Linux needs to be done (Acrobat Reader installer for Linux works without the user having to do a To_Unix on the files first)

76193 RTS - image clips are not updated in realtime shaders

75812 With warning message: accepting to continue loading a scene from an unsupported version results in bad viewports
75813 No more warning message when you are trying to load a scene from a version no longer supported


75960 SPM can not handle 64+ (spm connections) on windows platforms
76294 XSIbatch does not share -guilic
76830 License fall back when using xsibatch
77217 Incremental Setup : Unable to find the help file from script editor
77273 XSI 2.0.2 : New feature tour installation path is different from the shortcut path
77036 2D motion blur doesn’t work under Linux. A file is missing
77399 SPM | Cloth token should be called on demand
77378 XSI Batch Package | XSI can not render advanced features with batch package
76678 SPM | Orphaned Licenses remain checked out on SPM server
78019 SPM communication socket protocol causes anti-tempering mechanisms to be enabled.
77192 MI_ADD_PLATFORM | need to recompile sibase so that MI_ADD is in sync with the Hair changes

75781 Texture Editor - Heal doesn’t work on simple example of topology edited cube
75987 XSI - view volume culling is disabled by default (regression)
75999 Need to expose Seam U and V when freezing texture projection
76230 Performance - OGLTexture2D always uploading the texture even if time has not changed
76866 Material and textures are missing when load the .emdl in a new XSI session

76035 XSI SDK: Command line option: xsi -script test-hQA_Batchscript.vbs not working

75793 Hair: Rendered Hairs Jitter
75809 Simulation-Particles: XSI crashes after deleting multiple obstacle properties using script command.
75877 Scenes with a SoftBody applied to an open geometry will crash when rendered with “xsibatch -r”.
76026 XSI-Bug with script used to apply ‘object to particle’ is missing statement to correctly ignore targets if tangency is not used.
76054 Hair: Crash Rendering Scene
75906 Crash reloading Scene if Hair Cache Files are inaccessible.
76836 Crash on multiple hair volumes
77019 Hair: Hair disappears if Obstacle Object deleted.
77229 Hairs appear/disappear in alpha channel
76283 Spherical artifacts between Hair Segments
75810 Hair: Transparency incorrectly dealing with shadows.
76018 Hair Renders Ambient/Specular components incorrectly.
75810 Hair: Transparency incorrectly dealing with shadows.
77293 Help update for sib_hair shader

74259 XSI-inprecisions and usability issues with snapping
75744 XSI - OpenGL versions > 1.2 are treated as version 1.0 (performance issue)
77970 MAJOR slowdown between 2.0.2 rc2 and 2.0 when minimizing \ maximizing the application


2.02 is much better for hair. It was pretty much unusable in 2.01. The specularity and transparency renders properly.


I noticed that when rendering that now mental ray responds quickly on my machine. From the time I hit render it starts rendering where before I had to wait for about 3-5 sec to start some times. Is this maybe more compatible with the memory or my hardware or something. Cuz this for my machine is really great update.


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