XSI Timelapse for Head Modelling


Anyone knows of any XSI timelapse videos showing the techniques used to model heads and hair in XSI? Or anyone mind doing one? :smiley:


Hmm… the method I’m looking for is by using subd :slight_smile:


Sorry for the slight offtopicness, but I’d like to know how ppl do those timelapse videos? For an example those Mirai timelapses made by Ambient-Whisper and Bay Raitt, do they just use some screen capturing software at some intervals?

And how about capturing the whole monitor as a movie… how do they do that? I’ve tried some small screen capturing software, but taking even a 320*240 big portion of the screen was quite a pain.


Get camtasia. It’s the best timelapse recorder. Ambient corrupted my mind some time ago on that program :).

About the timelapse vids… Go here Ed Harris. I know there’s no timelapse videos on there but there’s a ton of great tutorials.

Besides that, I would still recomend Martins TL work because you can apply it to anything subD.

:slight_smile: enjoi


You can try http://www.webattack.com/download/dlcamstudio.shtml if your a cheepie, but bear in mind it really won’t compare to Camtasia :wink: Also bear in mind you’ll need a pretty fast comp to do it w/ out restricting your modeling.

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its weird. cuz i work in realtime when i capture those videos. i just dont capture more than 800x600. just make sure you use settings like…2-3 frames per second. with 10 frames playback. and leave the filename stuff alone. if you want one of those really fast videos you can go as high as 1 frame every 3 seconds and with playbad of 8-10 fps. but make sure you dont use the camera much if you do. cuz itll be impossible to see what yer actually doing. itll be like the tazmanian devil type of transformation. :slight_smile: you see box…then a lot of camera shaking…and poof final model :smiley:

the best settings are 3fps record and 12 fps playback.

this is all in camrasia. so no. you really dont need the fastest machine. all you need is the right settings.


ok thanks for that reply, clearifies that a bit, I was trying 15 fps, 1 frame every .2 seconds, which is (I’m guessing ;)) the reason for the lagged response. Also working on 450 w/ 128 mg ram, so it’s probably the bare minimum.

I always wondered how you could stand to work like that fulltime!

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i dont :wink: thats why i take so long to release models. but as far as modeling. that beast was my last one. next one might be around texturing…or character setup…or something.


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