XSI setting OBject as WireFRAME??


Hello All~
I am trying to model a character and using an object as ref…
So I have an object loaded in XSI and I want to set the Ref object as WIREFRAME, and the current object I am working on SHADED mode… Is this possible?
I tried making a new layer for the REF object but I can’t find a command where I can isolate only one object to be wireframe… This is possible in XSI right?
Can anyone help me out???

thanks in advance~


I think it is possible I am a newb but i came across a feature which may alow you to do this.

Check your display options in the desired viewport for an option that allows the wireframe to be showed alt all times and click its tab to enable it they are quite a few so you could read through them and choose which best suits

hope that helps …



under the palettes panel (bottom left) you can click on the letter “w” for wireframe and then select the object you want to set to that mode.
then you can toggle the activeness of this display in the menu where you can set the different display modes of your viewport.
you have to enable/disable the “override object properties”.

cheers chris


thanks Chrischan and Ziah~

I am trying the W, but its not working,
probably because of “override object properties”.
I am sorry… I am newb, where is the “override object properties” located at??


nevermind~ i found it~~!!!

thanks a lot guys~~~!!! :slight_smile:


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