XSI Production Series DVDs Review


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I recently reviewed the XSI production series dvd’s from Softimage. I hope it’ll be of help to those looking to get training for XSI.

The article:


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Is better in DVD then books for some peoples, As for me im visual. This is cool stuff. How much it cost ?


$49 each and $190 for all 5.

they are at the softimage online store.


Good review, thanks.

We have a guy here coming from Max, I reckon these should help him accelerate a bit (and I dare say I might learn a few new tricks too…). :thumbsup:


Sold :thumbsup:


I wonder if this could be usefull in the HL2 modding comunity, Like the Buzz vtm’s were used by the UT comunity :confused:


I’m ordering mine the beginning of next week. :thumbsup:

Ofcourse they are those buzz videos are nothing but basic modeling, rigging, and animation. With these videos and practice, you’ll have enough knowledge for overkill.


I would like to point a quite inaccurate and unfair point from the article:

“[b]For a long time, XSI users have not had access to training that covers every aspect of the software.”

[/b] Well, besides simulation, you can easily find training for all aspects of the software, and many of them are free. As far as I know, the free videos at Softimage and some of the 3dtutorial series are very advanced, and cover most aspect of XSI (beside simulation like I said). This is not fair for the authors and the distributors.

I think you meant: one product that covers that covers all, right?



im happy for this videos, the more tutorials and resources for people still learning the better, xsi needs more tutorials no matter what!!!


I was planning to switch from max to xsi :slight_smile:
in france there are no formation centers (like 2 weeks intensive courses) on xsi.
These dvd’s will i hope do the trick :wink:



sorry Bernard but I agree with Sheep, he said “for a long time” and not “until now”, and he mentioned “every aspect of the software” as a detail.

all in all I agree, except for Softimage’s own efforts and a few DVDs from Joe and mesmer(and the big batch of those is very recent, less then a year) XSI has always suffered for a massive lack of quality commercial training material and the free one doesn’t even scratch the quality of what you can find for maya or max.

I think he was fair, but I’m all for agreeing about disagreeing if you see it fit :slight_smile:


Thanks for the review Sheep, although my company already ordered the entire set last week or so, it´s nice to see they match expectations :slight_smile:


Wow now if only some of the other companies and tutorial dvd places would listen up! 5 dvd’s for only $200. That is one hell of a value. Gnomon are you listening? :slight_smile:


Yes thats what i meant. Sorry for the confusion. 3d tutorial and mesmer videos are also good but all this stuff started to come out after 3.0 , i dont remember any training for 2.0 other than ed’s rendering videos and a few scattered tutorials around the net. thats why I said “for a long time”

hope this clears it up.


I picked these up to speed my addition of XSI to my software toolbox. While I am only about half way through the bunch I am nothing but impressed by their content and depth of explanation. I have been using Lightwave and Silo pretty much exclusively for the last several years and thought I would be putting in some long hours to learn XSI. I have been pleasantly suprised and would recommend this series to anyone needing to get up to speed quickly. mokba


i dont remember any training for 2.0 other than ed’s rendering videos…




this sounds great~

but anyone has actually used this? I want to hear from people who bought these DVDs, if they thought it was worth it~
I got the XSI manuals , XSI illuminated Character Animation book, and XSI 4 exp Book which are really great~ and I am wondering if these DVDs can show much more then the books and manulas I have~



I watched 'Render Concepts, which confusingly is not an introduction about concepts like render passes, but practical use of XSI’s mental ray parameters and avoiding major memory trouble. The section on displacement mapping parameters and BSP is a deep discussion you can’t find anywhere else. It’s narated by David Lajoie, who worked day and night to get this thing together while handling multiple customer accounts, his regular job at the time. I seem to remember there is something like 4h of audio and it’s impossible to watch it all in one session. Dillips and Gaz drop in for RenderMap and normal maps.


Thanks for the review! :thumbsup: I appreciate any info I can find on XSI training. These DVD’s are a sure buy from me. :slight_smile:


The dvds really are great. I’m a new user as of version 4 and I honestly don’t think I’ve had an easier time learning a new software package. I learned Motion Builder through the 3dbuzz tutorials mostly and these are definitely a step up. I never had such extensive training material like this when I was learning Max or LW.