XSI Production DVD series~?


Hello all~
has anyone seen XSI Production DVD series??
and if you have, what’s you take on it?
I am thinking of getting one, but not sure if they go step by step,
for ex, I remember some modeling tutorial DVDs would show u a box and then a face~
I got XSI 4 experience book, and I thought that was really worth the money~

Would it cover a whole lot more on XSI production DVD then XSI 4exp Book and the Manuals that comes w/ XSi? or would be pretty much samthing thing??

share your thoughtS~





i use those dvd series 4 2 months i believe these r simply amazing, indepth about xsi with all features and it has project base aproach too. It,s not at all like previous training dvd, it,s totally different ,only cloth is missing .Overall lighting,rendering,hair,simulation,modelling everything is in detail
stay animated with xsi


Totally agree with it! They are really good and give in depth project based overview about various problems and solutions. But no way I would reccomend them for newcomer.


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