xsi like subdiv and sound scrubbing scripts


hi! i’ve created scripts to bring some xsi functionality to max - well, in my opinion. first there are two scripts to handle subdivision: subdivUp and subdivDown. they increase or decrease subdivision of an editable poly objects and should work just like pressing numpad ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys in xsi. iterations are limited to 3, but there’s no problem to change it in the script. these commands work on multiple selected objects as well.
third script helps to synchronize animation and sound. it jumps to next frame and it plays a portion of sound sample at the same time - just like in xsi or lightwave (i hope you know what i mean :).
i created those scripts for max 6, i don’t know if they work with max 5 or other. i hope they’ll work fine for you.



Thanks, i’ve been wanting the subdivision surface iterations thing for a while. now if only we could manipulate the subdivided surface like in xsi…you know without the cage displayed, directly on the surface. oh well, maybe some day.



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