Xsi Ice + Bullet = Fail?


I posted this on XSI base, hoping to increase my chances on getting a solution:

I am using ice particles to instance some objects, i setup the ice tree as instructed in the help docs, ie, got the particle emitter working, instancer hooked up, RBD on creation set, bullet solver hooked up. Everything seems to work, until i try to collide the instances against animating colliders, then the bullet solver simply fails, with my pieces falling through the collider. I tried cranking substeps to astronomical levels and set bullet precision to 600, but to no avail (there is SOME improvement at higher precision, but not much). The solver simply breaks down when my collider starts moving.

The setup is a coffee can falling over on its side, its modeled in real world scale. Its not moving terribly fast.

I tried hooking up straight ICE particles using the bounce node and that works fine, its just the RBD solver seems to be inadequate in this case??

The coffe can has a collider shape that is parented to the main null, the collider is a cylinder primitive, with its top surface disabled, i also applied a thicken OP to give the walls some volume. I am using actual geometry checkbox on the the collision settings for the cylinder shape… its just not working out.

any suggestions would be appreciated. feeling a little dissapointed with XSI at the moment, I was expecting a little more, in terms of bullet performance.[/size]

not sure if this is relevant, but the scene was intially setup in MAYA and then exported using maya to xsi connection.


I think you’re assumption about starting in Maya is correct. I assume. Because, the Lagoa Emit Volume has it’s own specific requirements for collision. Try making a separate scene with a Lagoa volume emission from a cube, with a poly plane for collision, and you’ll see there is a special Lagoa simulate multiphysics. It’s been my experience that Lagoa is “ok” at solving rigid problems, but not perfect. You may consider simply changing out you emit node for something other than Lagoa emit.


exactly the same issue happens with all emissions types, lagoa is not solving anything in my example because the lagoa solver is not being used, im merely emitting points with lagoa emitter and then using the bullet solver.


I cannot answer your question, but I’ve been playing with Bullet in Maya and there are tons of unexpected limitations with Bullet. For example, doesn’t do collision of mesh with other meshes, the library doesn’t do it.


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