XSI Foundation -> is there a cartoon rendering ?


Well the question is in the title :slight_smile:
if the answer is yes, are there examples ?


There’s a demo available at softimage.com


All of XSI’s fantastic toon stuff is in foundation. If you want examples, look at Appleseed, and several of the Animatrix movies (I believe both Beyond and Second Renaissance I and II).


Thanks for the answer !!! XSI sounds better and better :slight_smile:


Also for top class examples of XSI toon render at work, check out www.psyop.tv.


Thanks bonohyogurt, those are awesome, I think it just made up my mind ! :slight_smile:


appleseed was done in lightwave, go to the official site and look in the “storyboard” section on page two you’ll see a model of the giant walking mecha inside of the lightwave interface.


Ummm… LW & Maya for backgrounds… but XSI was the character app






You mean this one:

Like a lot of projects, various 3D apps are used though I would presume XSI was used for most of the character work.


XSI doesn’t “sound better and better”. It is better. Do not contemplate laying down the chump change for Foundation. Just do it!



ahh i see, forgive me for thinking so singlemindedly, i didn’t imagine they would go across the platforms like that. my apologies and thanks for the link to to article i will enjoy reading it.


I did ! and it’s true that those Psyop movies helped me make the move. :slight_smile:

Now I just have to go through thoses 30 hours of training… just 25 hours left…


[left][font=Impact][color=white]I don’t know if any of you all browsed through softimage.com , but they have couple of short video tutorials available. Few of them covers [color=red]toon shading. You have to log in to access them in the education section of their site.[/color] :wise: [/color][/font][/left]


Wow man, knock off the red bold lettering haha very hard on the eyes! :smiley: Does anybody else have trouble accessing the tutorials on Softimage.com? With FireFox it keeps asking me to fill out my personal information after I log in, and with Internet Explorer I get ‘page error’ messages when I try to log into to it. I’ve got the 3dbuzz VTM’s to work with now until I get the money (grr, which I was hoping to have by now!?) to buy XSI. My demo is almost up! Noooooo!


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