xreTIME is a Tag to be used on an Object to re-time its animation.
Optionally controlling the animation of its children
and/or Objects in the “Slaves” list.

The term Animation here, is an Object that, in order:

  • Carries a MoCache Tag
  • Carries a PointCache Tag
  • Is a XRef Object R14 set to Generator Mode
  • Is a Legacy Xref Object R13/14
  • Is an Alembic Object including any subframes.
    Note, an Alembic file should have recorded Subframes to give a slowmo effect.
  • Is KeyFramed incl. PLA animations
  • and additionally in the “Slaves” field,
    another xreTIME Tag, Mo- and Point Cache Tags can be placed and controlled.

The xreTIME Tag could be seen as an alternative to a TimeTrack giving
you more direct access to retiming Objects from within the Object Manager.

xreTIME is an extended Python version of xTIME found in the SteadyBAKE suite.
xreTIME and xTIME are two separate plugins.

As usual, get it at tcastudios -> xfiles :slight_smile:

Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios


Man, you are too kind to the C4D community. Thanks for yet another great plugin!!


Thanks! Amazing tool! :bowdown:


That’s really great, I’ve been looking into retiming mograph caches! I will test it soon.


Very Nice :buttrock:


Thank you so much for another awesome tool! :bowdown:


Yeah way to go Lennart. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted this on the Lounge as well.
- link -

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


You are all welcome.

You have been able to do so with the steadyBAKE xTIME for a while as well as
with some MoChache ReTime expressions scattered over the interweb :slight_smile:
Let me know if you get anything cool out of it!

xreTIME is basically a port to Py with some added options.



Sweet ! Thanks for all those Xmas before Xmas. :beer:


Thanks for the tip, I wasn’t aware of that.

I tried it out with mograph cache, it’s great, does what it says fast and easy.
I also tried to use it in R14 but it doesn’t seem to work with it yet.

Here’s my test:
Simulation with Turbulence 4D, then Thinking particles, then bake with Mograph, and used xreTIME for the slow-motion effect.
Also did some compositing in After Efffects.

Thanks again for this!


Cool, but it should work as expected in R14 as well.
What was the kind of set up you tried in R14?



I placed it in the plugins folder of the preferences folder as per instructed in the text file, but it didn’t show up in the tags.

Then I tried the plugins folder of the installation folder but no luck there either.

Maybe I made something wrong though, as I am often absent minded :slight_smile:
I will try again.


I asume you are testing with R14 Demo maybe?
I haven’t actually tried it in the Demo, what does
the Console say? (Script Menu -> Console)



Let me know if anyone know a more efficient way of re-timing :slight_smile:

What’s cooking 35mb QT



xreTIME updated to version 1.10.

Now also controls Tags as well as Xpresso Nodes, Materials,
Post Effects put into the Slaves List.


Found at:
tcastudios -> xfiles



Thank you lennart


Excellent!!! Thanks a lot, Lennart, for giving away your great tools for free!
As a side note: I recently played around with the new morph cam in R14 and discovered that it doesn`t offer the nice rotational control that your camera morph tool is providing. So your plug in is still my first choice for camera morphing! Thanks again!



xreTIME updated to v1.11
supporting the excellent pCache.

xreTIME update via my sign.



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