Xref ?



I use 3dsmax 2011 64bit.

I save a teapot and xref that teapot into a new file.
When ever I change the position of the teapot in the source file… and update the Xref… it stays at the same position ???

Why is this ?
The teapot should move when ever I change the position in the source file…

I tried this with XRef Objects… and the object doesn’t change it’s position.

I tried with Xref Scene and it works… unfortunately I want to change and control the shader in my master file… but that doesn’t work with Xref Scene file, right ?

I couldn’t pull the shader information when using XRef Scene file…

So how the heck can I use the Xref feature ?

If a geometry changes position I want to have that change in my master file… and of course, I want to pull the shader as well.

thx for any help !


In your source file create a helper object, a Point Helper or something and link your teapot to it, now xref object the helper and teapot into your scene, now when you move the teapot in your source scene it will update in your other scene. Don’t move the helper though in either scene.

Make sure Merge Transforms isn’t ticked in your xref object window before you merge your xrefs in.

If you want to move the helper in your 2nd scene, you need to goto the motion tab and assign a new P\R\S controller to this helpers transform.


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