Hi guys I need some help with xpresso.
so as you

can see in the xpresso snap shot what I want is that every userdata I drag to 100% should control the CORRECTION user data to -5% “that’s simple” but the problem is I made 30+ of those errors and I don’t want to go back so how do I make it keep on subtracting -5% from every 100% of each user data.

I want 30 user data to control one user data and substract -5% on every 100% of each one


If I understood correctly, you want to add the results of all the range mappers and connect that to the corrector.


yes but I have over 30 of those I want to link to the corrector


What I want is that on every 100% of each mistake userdata it substract -5% so when I drag another one to 100% then the correction userdata will be -10% and on and on and on.


Doesn’t the solution I mentioned above, to add the range mappers, work for you?


You are God sent.
Thanks it works.