xpresso help


hi there, maybe you can help me out here. i want to do a xpresso setup where i can select an pre defined object from list ( tshirt, shorts, jacket…) that is also linked to an instance object.

hope you understand this…maybe this image explains it better:


how to set up this in xpresso?

thanks so mutch in advance


Condition node set to link type. Assign the two objects you want to switch between to the two slots and the drop down user data to the switch input field. The output gets connected to the reference object input field of the instance.
Hope this helps


thank you björn, but this is trange. in the userdata i did exact the same order as in the condition node but the object doesnt fit to my list box of the user data integer. i have to random change the order of either condition or userdata and luckily i get the wanted result somehow but is there a way to control this (specially when i have a lot of objects)

second question. i want to control the color (via linking the color channel of an material to the user data) of the instance. this works without any problem but when i copy paste the setup the material does not get copied. so i cant control the copys color cause it still takes the color of my main setup. i did a try and it works via linking a shader effector instead of a material but i work with vray and it doesnt take “color” in shader effector. is there any solution to do this via a material?



I tried it and had no problem. Can you post your setup?
btw, alternatively to the condition node you can use a link list node.

I have never used vray nor do i have it installed so i can’t check how it behaves. I would try to change the material assignment in the texture tag.


ive just send you a pm