“XingShi Cup” News in china


“XingShi Cup” International Household Appliances & Consumer Electronic Products Innovation Design Competition was inaugurated in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

(Title) Nanhai will have its first creative products transaction platform.

Nanhai will have its first creative products transaction platform. Today, A news release conference of “XingShi Cup” International Household Appliances & Consumer Electronic Products Innovation Design Competition was held by Nanhai Economic Development Zone Management Committee and some other local government institutions of Shishan Town, Nanhai. The competition is aimed at collecting talented designers and their creative ideas for the development of local industrial design and the founding of the first creative products transaction platform in Nanhai.

(Subtitle) An international creative products design competition will be held in Nanhai

This morning, Mr Chen Gang (Deputy Secretary- General of China Household Electrical Appliances Association), Mr Liu Ming (Deputy Secretary- General of China Industrial Design Association) and leaders from Nanhai Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Nanhai Bureau of Economy & Trade, Nanhai Small & Medium Enterprises Bureau, Nanhai Science & Technology Bureau and Shishan Town Hall have attended the news release conference of “XingShi Cup” International Household Appliances & Consumer Electronic Products Innovation Design Competition. The competition will be held from February to May 2009 whose sponsors are China Household Electrical Appliances Association & China Industrial Design Association, and organizers are Nan Hai Economic Development Zone, Foshan Jingsheng Digital Innovation Technology Co., Ltd, CG Final Digital Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. and co-organizer Public Service Platform of Digital Innovation Industry, Nanhai, Guangdong. The competition is aimed at collecting as many talented designers and their creative ideas as it can to elevate China’s industrial design level and urge the great change from “Made in China “ to “ Created in China”. Moreover, it helps to establish an e-business platform for creative and innovative products, realizing the commercialization of the designs through the trading of works, the exchange of great ideas and offering value added services. By this means, local enterprises will be provided with more advanced designs while the industrial design of small & medium enterprises can also be boosted.

The ancient China was called “ a sleeping lion”, so is the manufacturing industry of China who has just experienced 3 decades of reform and opening up to the rest of the world. To wake it up requires the dedication of more talented designers with their refreshing ideas. It is how the name of the competition and its theme “ creative world, creative future” were suggested. It shows our decision in strengthening the core competitiveness of our enterprises and reviving our manufacturing industry.

The image design of this competition is rather distinctive. It is an original mascot named “ Chuang Chuang” - a typical lion image in South China culture as the competition judges believe that only those with unique national style can be appreciated by the whole world. Chuang Chuang is created with the national spirit of creation and innovation, matching perfectly the competition theme” Creative world, creative future”.

The competition will be reported in many traditional and internet media and serve as a platform for maximum domestic and international trades in creative products by attracting a lot of talented competitors from around the world and building direct communications between them and the top designers and design institutions. In a word, it will be made one of the greatest events in industrial design area. During the competition, not only the renowned experts but also lots of consumers will be invited to give comments on the works and thus help them become more marketable. As a result, candidates will have a healthy growth through opportunity of training, communications with others and practice in famous companies which in turn will boost the development of the whole industry.

(Subtitle) Creative product accelerates the rotation of “magic cube” of the industrial development

"Industrial design is called the ‘magic cube’ of the industrial development.” Said Chen Gang, Deputy

Secretary General of China Household Electrical Appliances Association. “This magic cube could change an enterprise, an industry and even a country. As one of the sponsors of the competition, we hope it will realize ‘three matches’. First of all, excellent works match requirement of massive production. It is the key to turn design power into real productive force in a short time. Secondly, gifted designers match the need of manufacturers. We hold competitions for the purpose of recommending talents to household appliances and consumer electronic products enterprises. Finally, industrial design education matches the need of enterprises. The competition is set for the understanding of design institutions on the need of enterprises and training students accordingly and through it to promote the national development of industrial design.

The competition is believed important to the establishment of Nanhai creative products transaction platform, guiding the manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of demand market and generating fortune with intelligence. The competition will extensively collect creative talents and their skills and the design requirements of enterprises as well through information technology. It will help establish a long-run creative products transaction platform, filling the field blank in Nanhai.

The new horizon of industrial design

Creative industry to open an ever brighter prospect of Shishan Town.

Zhao Siyuan, a member of Shishan Town Communist Party Committee

As a major Household Appliances production base in Nanhai, Shishan Town has various advantageous industries such as household appliances, automobile and related businesses, electronic information, toys, pharmaceuticals, and science research and education which as a whole have a huge demand for innovation and creative design. Therefore, the development of creative industry is vital to the strength of Shishan economy.

XingShi Cup” International Household Appliances & Consumer Electronic Products Innovation Design Competition is definitely a big event to meet the need and also a precious opportunity to upgrade the design level of all enterprises including those in Shishan Town. It will help Shishan’s further endeavors in brands forming, and products innovation and idea commercialization. In future, with the development of local education, creative and culture industries, Shishan will have a new development mode allowing its secondary industry and tertiary industry to promote and complement each other with a promising future.


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