Xgen vs Xgen Interactive Groom?


I think id like to switch to xgen interactive groom now that redshift supports it.

Are there any cons to doing this or is it all upside?



There some features you dont have in interactive like Clumping per Guide or Tube Groom.
But you have some other you dont have in classic xGen like all the brushes and sculpt layers.

The main difference is xGen interactive does store all grooming data into the maya file.
Wich is good if you are a smaller studio and dont have a grooming department and are rendering from maya.

xGen interactive is a nogo if your render pipeline does need to read the grooming data from your network.
For example you are using Katana or Gaffer for rendering. Or a standalone renderer.


thanks for the reply.

I think this storing of the info in the maya file is a big one for me, as a freelancer and as a member of a small studio. The regular xgen workflow is a joke how easy it breaks with changes in naming. They should offer a small tool set to automate some of this stuff.