Xbox 360, Rune Larsen (3D)


Title: Xbox 360
Name: Rune Larsen
Country: Norway
Software: 3ds max

When I first saw the name of the new xbox (Xbox 360) I got a design stuck on my mind, and this is it.

>> Hi resolution image <<


very cool design i like it alot

but shoulden’t it looks like a box:deal:


343 Guilty Spark, right? Great render!:slight_smile:


Wow, very nice model and design


hehe cute! :thumbsup:


Love it! it has a unique presence, kinda likes it could be watching you. reminds me of HAL. It should get built!


I like the design. Simple yet elegant.

From an electronics perspective, you’ve got way too many capacitors on the printed circuit boards. The XBox is basically a game optimized PC and if you look at modern PC motherboards, there are very few large electrolytic capacitors (large cylinder shaped pieces).

I would suggest that you model some fancy heatsink/cooling solution for the main processor and have that visible through one of the clear domes. This seems to be the trend with modded PC’s

Otherwise nice work.


Looks like a floating spy bot. I liked it a lot.

Could be improved with a fancy heatsink as DeePG said.

Is it brainwave-controlled? There’s no visual sign of any controls or plugs. (I’m not complaining, that’s one of the things I liked most).


pretty cool.


haha coool
xbox has now become a sphere :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, my only critique would be the aliasing, on that front piece where the
“XBOX” words are, the edges of the circle seem to have some rough specs on there.

anyway, great idea. i like it a lot


Cool I like it a lot, just like apple design there computers.:thumbsup:


where do the controllers go?

nice job but i can already hear people complaining about the size :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice and original design ! :slight_smile:


Wonderful piece of Design :thumbsup: Great job!


where do I put my cd-games?
Very nice though :thumbsup:


This was not made to be a working design, it is just what poped in my head when i heard “Xbox 360”.

WilburLoyd: Im sorry I dont know what/who 343 Guilty Spark is/are.
DeePG: I like the capacitors, it looks like a civilization down there whit them.
Samael3D: If anything the controllers will be wireless, I hate cabels…
AzNightmare: I know theres a smoothing problem there, but after modelling for
5 hours straight I couldnt care less… but i may fix it later.
Bot13: The front circle is about 14 cm in deameter(a CD/DVD is 12)
so use ur imagination.

Thank you for all ur kind words.

edit: I pressed enter to fast.


where can i purchase this?


Awsome design! I’m getting an xbox right now.


great render!


great work, but
where do i put the controllers and all the other into? :shrug:
and how are the games supposed to put in?
on and off buttons?
i think you should think of that stuff
and i might be wrong but arent those batteries (the red and yellow) cylinders on the hard drive (dont know the englisch words for that technical stuff, hope you get what i mean =/ ) a little bit outdated?
maybe you wanna improve it?
otherwise great design idea :thumbsup: