X2 3800+ in to 4800+ (or more)


I will explain how i did for thouse of you are interested. I look forward to your experiences too.
My computer is:
Gigabyte Nforce4 ultra mainboard
Corsair TCCD 550Mhz 1GB DDR
GF6600 64bit 256MB
AMD64 x2 3800+

First thing I noticed was that the core couldn’t work with a 220FSB with all settings on default. Searching on the net I found that HT could be the problem, so I put to HT 3x multiplier instread of 4x. I set the CPU multiplier from 10 to 9.5 too and the vcore 1.45 from 1.3.
Then I was able to set the FSB at 240 with no very high timmings (2.5-3-3) and Sisoftsandra say my performance is little higher than a x2 4800+. The memory bandwith is 5055MB/s.

As soon as I’m sure the computer is 105% stable, I will Oc it more, I’m sure it could go further. Right now is working perfectly, the temps are 30 in idle and 36 in full. I’m using watercooling for the CPU and VGA, with two 12cm fans at 1000rpm (noiseless).

Sorry for my english xD
Hope it helps


Multiplier is unlocked in X2 3800?


Depending on setup, others can probably push the 3800 further than you did on the FSB. Since OCing is really sensitive to a computer’s specific setup, its really going to be different for almost anyone, even people with the same parts as you.

Anyway, most of the time the solution for going to higher GHz is to drop the multiplier and raise the FSB. This is of cource, if you have a multiplier unlocked CPU :wink:

As soon as I'm sure the computer is 105% stable, I will Oc it more,

What are you using to verify it’s stable? Stable doesn’t just mean your computer doesn’t crash. You need to verify the CPU is working correctly or you might get corrupted data.

A lot of OC’ers use Prime95.



very true jscott


Something to test stability would be running programs like 2 different instances of Prime95 (you’ll need to copy the directory after installing it so u can run 2 of them). You’ll need to run them for at least a minimum of 12 to 24 hours to ensure its stable in the long run.

Also dont use the .5 mutlis. They arn’t true multi’s, with it set at 9.5, your running at 9x on the cpu, but your also using a 9/10 divider automatically. So your rams running slower then if it was running just setting the cpu to 9x, which is the smart choice. Since you have fast ram id advise you to make sure you are running 1:1, make sure you use the 8x, 9x, 10x multis for this. Your ram is rated to run at 275Mhz with 2.5-4-4-8 timings, with 2.75V, use those timings, and voltage on the ram til you make sure that the system is running properly, after all thats done, then mess around with it. This is just to eliminate the possibilities of whats going wrong.

As for the HT, general rule, from 1-200Mhz 5x, from 201-250 4x, 251-333 3x… 2x don’t even worry about.

Edit: From my setup this is how I have it setup…
Multi: 10x
FSB: 265
LDT (HT Multi): 3x
CPU Voltage: 1.485V (1.35*110% Special Voltage Control)
LDT Voltage: 1.3V (sometimes this helps with stability)
Chipset Voltage (Northbridge Chip): 1.6V (sometimes this helps with stability)
DRAM Voltage: 2.6V
Divider: 9/10
Timings: 3-3-3-7
And lots of other ram settings to get a little more speed out of my ram, play with those later just get the main timings set.


Thanx guys, I’ve been ocing for many years, and I’ve got some good pieces of software to ensure stability (like CPU burn, SuperPi, CPU Stab or even 3D mark 2003).

I know OC experiences are different for every computer, but helps anyway to know how people reach its records.

Though Deathman teached me with multiplier thing, I will set 9x multi, now im running 9.5x250Mhz. Will use default timmings too… but I’m frigtened with FSB OC, can make the computer be unestable in so many ways… (I had wifi cuts during OC with my “old” Abit+ 3000+ system).

Thanx a lot again

Note: The multiplier is usualy locked to avoid selecting higher one, but no lower. So I can’t set 11x, but I can select 7x for example (default 10x).


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