In the year 2015, Triton CORP has stop manufacturing there X-triton RTA bus, replacing it with the new model.This is the last vehicle of its type, which was only allowed to drive around the Urbusa city. (an old small urban place, an hour drive from the City of Orion)The X-triton RTA bus can hover up to 3ft from the ground and can only handle 20-30 passengers. In case there’s some malfunctions on it’s hovering, the 4 wheels at each side will take place, and functions just like the buses in the past.

Speed is the equivalent exchange of a free life…
–by Edward Peterson

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EON-X1 -


Now this my friend, is a strong contender. Very close to the concept! and i really like it. :slight_smile:
Best Of Luck!


Is it all photoshopped?


adeel-- thanks man glad you like it… good luck also in your entry :slight_smile:
jozze-- thanks, i used 3ds MAX and Photoshop on this image :slight_smile:


some close ups…


more close ups :slight_smile:


love the urban environment that you did on this image. the details on the vehicle and people are very syd style.


techguy- thanks man, glad you like the overall image, really appreciate it. :slight_smile: good luck also in your entry if your going to join :wink:


nice work i like the contextualization;) good luck even if i hope for myself too eheheh


stefano-- thanks man, yeah good luck to us both… :wink: deadline is coming fast…


This one is pretty cool!! lots of details in it! :slight_smile: good luck bro! XD :buttrock:


thanks…and gooood luck to us both then eheheh!!


cierse-- thanks i need that luck… haha
stefano-- :slight_smile:


nice work for the style, if i can say one thing perhaps, my first impression looking at the image was that it was a small retrofuturisticbladerunner style diner …then i figured out it was a huge bus …and then i read the story…there would be a lot more then 20-30 person capacity on this bus, as it seams to be twice as wide and just as long as a regular today bus …that usually have a 40 to 50something capacity, so i would say your design is more in the 70-90 people minimum especially since they all seem to be standing up


MRC44-- haha, thanks man… well thats your opinion so i can’t do anything about it… :wink:


0__0 so many great entries… oohh…


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