X-Particles V2 [Preview2]




A “Phoenix FD Shader like” would be the cherry on the top of this beauty.


Some more tests



if this isn’t a reason enough to make xpresso multithreaded… then I have no idea what is :slight_smile:

amazing stuff guys


You don’t need xpresso to do this stuff so it’s all good :slight_smile:


yea I know, but if someone chooses to work in xpresso? =)


You having fun? :smiley:


It’s the biggest proof that C4D needs multithreading. No one appears to be listening at Maxon so throw your money at X-Particles.


WHew, the latest tests are looking neat. So far I’ve seen xparticles integrating with pshade, any word on how it works with something like stormtracer?


yea I know, but if someone chooses to work in xpresso? =)

yes well all the expresso power in x-particles is in there to work with we spent a long time porting it. but you do lose the threading so yep it would be nice.

but its still faster than TP :wink:


any word on how it works with something like stormtracer

I Don’t have ST anymore so I’m not really sure to be honest ill ask if any of our testers use it



Not entirely correct :slight_smile: you don’t loose the multithreading, but you introduce areas that are single threaded (i.e. xpresso and its calcs), anything running internal x-particles code with enough particles is still multithreaded.


Thanks David

Ps ST works if you get XP to generate TP


PSS, FYI, finish up ASAP. :slight_smile:


looking fantastic. Cannot wait.


Amazing work done with an update)) :buttrock: Looks like i will buy an update) Hope it’ll have reasonable update price :rolleyes:


Will it be possible to export X-Particle 2 particles as realflow particles?


Yes, you can import and export RealFlow BIN files.



The Realflow workflow plugins are a great way of getting particle data into other applications.


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