X-Particles V2 [Preview2]


Hey check out our next preview of the soon to be realeased x-particles v2, showing some of the exciting new features and workflows.


Can you guess what it is yet? :slight_smile:


Wicked update Mike! (and all involved :slight_smile: )


Mighty impressive what you have there…

SPH solver and particle sculpting in a software I seem to be able to understand…


game changer


Awesome ! :thumbsup:


:argh: … :eek: … :applause: :bounce: … :thumbsup:


Woohooo!! This thing is a beast.


Looks like an awesome addition to c4d :smiley:


OMG, We only asked better particles for Cinema4d, this exceeds expectations :applause:


Looks really powerful particle plugin. This makes me feel happy that i am C4D user and i have possibility to buy this easy and still powerful plugin when i will need it. I hope you gonna get lots of new users and keep the development in progress. :buttrock:





Wow this just took it up a whole new level!! looking forward to some fluid fun!!


Maxon needs to throw a giant suitcase of money through your window. Amazing.


really nice update ! Can’t wait to play with it ! Thanks for the hard work.


Hats off! I’m gladly paying full price again :slight_smile:



Amazing work. I don’t use particles all that much but this just makes me want to buy it whether I need it or not. Top banana :buttrock: Next spare cash will go on this.


Oh wow guys, jump from v1 to v2 is looking quite incredible, now take my money.



Holy Sh** Fantastic stuff. Bring it on.


I think a big gap in the market has just been filled.


Looks beyond outstanding, I hope it makes you filthy rich. I hope the C4D community gets behind this because it not only adds welcome features but embarrasses Maxon.

If an independent developer can manage a multithreaded particle system how long can Maxon choose not to implement it application wide or at least to Mograph cloners/TP? Seems pretty obvious after seeing the speed you’ve managed to unlock.