X-Particles pricing and availability


X-Particles.com are pleased to announce the next release of our flagship particle system will be released on Wednesday the 22nd of May at 11AM Gmt.

X-Particles v2 will come in 2 flavors Standard and Pro.

• X-Particles Standard costs 149 Euros. Upgrades from version 1.2 are available and cost 40 Euros.
• X-Particles Pro costs 249 Euros. Upgrades from version 1.2 are available and cost 135 Euros.

New features in version 2

• new core engine
• multithreaded emitter
• up to 1 billion particles
• 21 particle modifiers
• Xpresso nodes)
• new skinner object
• SPH Fluids
• Constraints
• online updater
• and more…

X-Particles V2 is a massive leap forward in particle technology for MAXONS cinema4D
giving you the ability to work with unheard of particle counts and having full control over every aspect of your vfx job.

Quote from David Drayton (neosushi) “It’s like art direction for particles!!”

For further information please visit http://www.x-particle.com/


Congratulations! Can’t wait to order, and thanks for keeping the prices reasonable. :thumbsup:


your welcome i think the price hits a sweet spot for most not over the top in relation to what your getting “lots of bang for your buck!” :slight_smile: and xp has a great future.


Looks like a very fair price for a massive upgrade to C4D.


My jaw hit the floor when I read the upgrade price (in a good way) but I will shh up before you change your minds!! :wink: Can’t wait to play.



We just got a proton beam project that this is going to be perfect for. Having used Xparticles on some major projects last year I can tell you that on top of brilliant software Mike and the crew have fantastic customer service, which has made our company very loyal to them. We’ve recommended them several times to others and don’t hesitate to do so when the opportunity rises. They deserve success.


it seems that the Xp new mesher (‘Skinner’ ) is similar to RealFlow ! that sounds excellent :slight_smile: !

Just for this sooooo missing and important new mesher, I’ll will be an Xp customer :stuck_out_tongue: !


our cache object also has a RF exporter inbuilt :slight_smile:


Importer as well?


Yes, it can read a folder of BIN files on the fly. When building a cache you have the option to use the XP cache format (with compression) or write to RF BIN files.


Congrats, looks great. Really appreciating the enthusiasm with plugin devs lately.

This new volumetric system, does it cast and receive shadows? Is it compatible w/ Physical render/Motion blur? Is it quick to render?

Can X-particles compute and cache parameters such as particle density/velocity, so that it might be used with this new KrakatoaSE plugin?

It’s going to be an expensive month for plugins, what with this and the new Effex plugin.


Congratulations on the release! The new stuff looks brilliant.



you mean Krakatoa SR for Cinema 4D? It might support the particles as well. And wont cost anything expect the License from Thinkbox.


I am wondering that does that “liquid mesher” support motion blur? :curious:
In demoreel there is no motion blur in liquid renderings.

I would love to see liquid mesher with motion blur support in physical renderer and with vray :wink:
But it probably will need some kind of Point Level Animation?


This new volumetric system, does it cast and receive shadows? Is it compatible w/ Physical render/Motion blur? Is it quick to render?

quick phy render with shadows.


Amazing work! Looking forward for upgrade to PRO version :slight_smile:


Picking this up immediately for our current project – can’t wait to get my hands on it. What a great time for Cinema 4D artists with this, Krakatoa SR, Octane, Dpit 2, and a Turbulence FD update on the horizon.


and what about Vray render…?


Looks great Mike… can’t wait to start playing… good work…



this looks amazing! i have fear if i buy this…maxon will buy this plugin aswell few month later and kick out the good features (like they did with speedmud)… and i throw out my money again.