X-Particles not showing up in C4D's Team Render Client preferences


Hey so I’ve been working a few days with X-Particles and it’s been great. I’m now trying to team render the scene I’ve been working on, but the render clients won’t recognize the plugin I placed in the client preferences folder. I’ve tried in both C:\Program Files\MAXON\Team Render Client R17\plugins, and in C:\Users\Valued Customer\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Team Render Client R17_DBCD2EA5\plugins. Neither location makes the X-Particles tab appear in the client prefs. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

  • Luke


i use the second path that you list - and it works - all i can think of is that the x particles folder has an issue? try making a copy of the x particles plugin folder from your working C4D app (i.e. a known good copy)

and copy that x particles folder over into the Team Render Client prefs and see how it goes… that’s all i can think of



I actually realized that apparently the team render client machines need internet access in order to verify the X-Particles license…which is another problem altogether, because now I have an error whenever I try to connect. ugh, anyway thanks for helping. Any idea of whether I can get around using an internet connection to use X_particles on them render clients?


hmm no idea on that probably a question for the x particles guys… but i would think that the render nodes would not need to check the licenses…



Please contact our technical support, the TR client console has information about what you need to do. TR clients can run offline.


That would be great if I could get the X-Particles plugin on TR Clients to work without an internet connection. Would you mind directing me to the technical support you’re talking about?



hope they can help you, they are great guys so i would think will be easy enough



Thanks! Hopefully this works out :slight_smile: