X-Particles 4 - Release 5th Dec, more info


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing sneak peek videos showcasing all the major new features of X-Particles 4.
If you visit http://insydium.uk/x-particles-4-new-features/ you’ll find information on the new features, pricing and FAQs. This information will be updated regularly. Please take the time to watch our first Sneak Peek, created by Mike Batchelor -
Episode 1 - xpClothFX xpClothFX Dynamics system brings remarkably fast cloth simulations right into the X-Particles workflow.
We hope you enjoy it, we’re looking forward to sharing more with you over the next few weeks Thank you x


Very cool!

Is it possible to sim character clothing with xpCloth or is it more aimed towards motion graphics work?


Great to know!.. and please, keep up upgrading Cycles as well. I hope we weill be able to xpcache cloth sims.


All right, let the sneak peek fun begin. Glad we’ve got an official page and thread to check. Eagerly awaiting the early bird upgrade discount email. Wonder how Cycles will tie into that if you already own it. Assuming that upgrade cycle remains separate / no new version between now and Dec 5.


I got a good deal on X-Particles for $300, but also purchased multiple seats for my department.
Personally I feel the upgrade cost is a little steep at $200.

Will there be any special deals for those who purchased in April 2017?


Hello, we’ll be sending out emails to all our customers offering Early Bird Discounts very soon. If for some reason, you do not receive an email by October 13th, please contact offers@insydium.com quote your name and X-Particles serial number and we will get back to you with your exclusive offer.


Well, you get a whole new fluid, cloth and gazeous solver on top of the other upgrades.

Of course, one has to see how it compares to dedicated apps, but at 200€ (upgrade) it’s the cost of Syflex (cloth only), it’s a third of Realflow for C4D (liquid only), half of Trubulence FD (gaseous only), and it’s about the same as the ANNUAL price of Houdini Indie (but without the steep curve or earnings limitations).

If it works as advertised, it’s a good deal.


Did you watch the sneak peak at IBC (on MAXON’s YouTube page)?
£220 seems low to me for all of the new features they are adding.


I’m curious to know f there will be some package deal like upgrading from 3,5 and a new license for Cycles.


Yes, we will be offering an upgrade from 3.5 to 4 including a Cycles 4D License (Upgrade Cycles 4D Bundle) for £350 ex VAT. We will also be sending all our customers an email with details of our Early Bird Discounts very soon. Thank you


If I have an educational license, can I upgrade as well?


It also appears that XP4 will only be for floating licences and that those of us with a locked license will have to pay an extra to move to unlocked license first…

At least that’s what their email says.


I’d like some clarification on this - it seems that a person with a locked license must first upgrade to an unlocked license simply to upgrade to XP4. If so it seems like I am paying for nothing if I don’t need a floating license. Hmmm.


Yes … I am in shock about that too :eek:, don’t think that i need a floating license also.


It seems your question was missed, Id like to know the same thing with a production demo on this as Marvellous Designer.



I heard something to the effect of XP 4 will not work with locked licenses; that may be the reason for the unlock message.


Yeah, the unlock requirement is a bit annoying.


Removed question because I answered it myself.

I was asking about the locked vs. unlocked. I bought XP at 3.5, so I already have an unlocked license.


whats the difference between locked and unlocked?


There seems to be some misunderstanding over the licensing of X-Particles. There has not been a Locked version since X-Particles 3.5, this license type was a relic from X-Particles 2. X-Particles 3.5 and Cycles 4D licenses are a ‘floating’ license, they are not tied to Cinema 4D or any computer.

All X-Particles 4 Licenses will be Unlocked as were all new X-Particles 3.5 licenses. We are offering this promotion as the last chance to move licenses to the Unlocked (Floating) system before it ends with X-Particles 4. Users remaining on X-Particles 3.5 who will never need to use X-Particles with other Cinema 4D serials can continue to use their Locked license, we are not forcing anyone to change.

Once the Locked to Unlocked option is no longer available in December, there will be a combined upgrade path from a Locked X-Particles 3.5 to X-Particles 4. Customers who chose to buy a Locked License paid a reduced rate for their License.

If you intend to upgrade to X-Particles 4, the cheapest way to do this is to take advantage of the reduced price to Unlock and then upgrade to X-Particles 4 whenever you wish.

I hope this helps.