X-Particles 2018 Public Release Out Now!


We told you November 1st – Surprise! The Latest Release of X-Particles is OUT NOW!

Our latest release of X-Particles is OUT NOW! It’s entirely FREE for customers with up to date maintenance – even better you don’t have to do a thing – the update will happen automatically.

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Looks like a solid release with a good mix of new functionality and speed improvements. Emitter instances FTW.


Fantastic release!

New wave generator is superb - well, actually everything is - but Im especially interested in fluid effects.

Are there any images/movies that have been created by your beta testers or others using the new wave/foam features? I would be especially interested in which render engine used, shading and texturing. Understand if the latter is proprietary, but the former would serve for inspiration!

Thanks for the work & providing us with insane tools!


Agreed (waves / fluid improvements). Those are next on my list to check out.

Shetland are you on a Mac? If you are, will be curious to know if you see any immediate viewport speed improvements. I believe most of the demos over the summer were done on PC but either way based on the percentage improvement case to case there should be some real benefit for Mac users as well. Just maybe not as pronounced.

So far the instancing workflows do seem to stand up to higher particle counts better than before, when building the initial system and setup (where the particles are going to go, how many, all the stuff prior to meshing/skinning/materials being added).


Hot damn that’s an impressive list of upgrades.


I do have a mac, but primarily use the PC since easier/cheaper to get GPUs that can render. I will try it on my Mac later in the week and give you my thoughts. Its a 2012 Cheese-grater, 16 thread machine, two xeon’s, but at 2.66 Ghz. I am not aware of what portion or what aspects X-particles is threaded - if any. (perhaps much?)

My old Mac still performs better than my i7 PC (4.0 ghz) is traditional CPU raytracing, but of course lags quite a bit behind is most any single threaded operation. Says a little about Moore’s law I think.

Funny, though, I recently purchased a used Electron Microscope, much newer than one I have already rescued and refurbished. I was/am excited because the column optics and xy stage are motorized, which removes LOTS of labor. Its powered by old PC running SCSI, and Windows 98!!! I knew that going in, but thing is, for such an old operating system, its relatively brisk in the OS file system - 8 bit of course and 640-x480. The JEOL software runs well too.
Perhaps the “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” Hardware resources being what they were, programmers were often tasked to write very efficient code. Not a one to one analogy, but some part of that is true. Interesting.



Tried out the latest release with the Oct update on my Mac; I have to say, performance is very impressive!
Opened some of their training files available on their website - from explosions, to cloth. Even without caching, on my 7 year old Mac, display performance was very useable.

Great Job Insydium!!!


Nice! Thanks for reporting back. Will download some of those files again and try them out (been a while).

[Most of the presets still drag a good bit on my machine but bottom line it’s old hardware. No amount of software optimization is going to give it a second life.] That said the instancing works pretty well so I got that going.]


Hi there,

just a quick question. xparticles was very slow with simulation on dual xeon machines because the synchronization between the CPUs.
What about Threadripper? it is build of several dies. Is Threadripper also slower than one would expect in for example water simulations?

best regards


Been playing with this for a few days now. Stellar update!