X-Men: Days of Future Past new trailer


So this is the new trailer to the Xmen movie, looks absolutely epic. Hopefully it dosnt disappoint.



Trailer is OK, but seems to rely on previous knowledge of X-MEN films.

The main issue I have is they reduced the Government/Sentinels presence in the trailer, and the use of the words “extinction” and “war” have now occurred too often in sci-fi, superhero, fantasy films such that to add more punch, you’d have to make it feel like “this is a bit different this time”.

I would have preferred a “Human government is the bad guy this time” angle (even if say that’s not the true tone of the final picture). To do this is to big up the Sentinels in the clip and shock viewers with more footage of the “terrible future where the Sentinels destroyed everything”. Then again, that might be lifting too many vibes from THE TERMINATOR?

P.S.: Wasn’t Bishop the mutant they sent back through time? Or is Wolverine taking that part over the latest step in “Wolverine is now the hero of X-Men” development? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lots of X-men have gone back and fro through time; but to split hairs, the Days of Future, Past original story arc involved Kitty Pryde/Code name Ariel or Sprite?!?! at the time, going back in time.

They seem to also be borrowing from a later storyline involving the Uber-Sentinel, Nimrod, which sent back in time Jean and Scott’s daughter, Rachel(Jean was very dead for a comic character at the time) (the Daughter who is always married to Sue and Reed Richard’s son Franklin in multiple futures)

I am psyched because more than any other Marvel franchise, the X-men really doubled down on the time travel thing (and that is not for lack of trying on the parts of various Avenger and FF stories. Do not read the West Coast Avengers, which was my real time introduction to Iron-man and Hawkeye, circa '86)

The X-series already has multiple inconsistencies in casting and over-all plottiness (I F’n LOVE the Mystique/Mags/Charles triangle that was never a part of the comics, although a little more causality to Mystique being adopted by the Xaviers would have been nice), but if they double down as the Sliders-of-Super-hero-movies, which seems to be the plan with the next movie referencing the Age of Apocalypse…good times ahead.

Let Marvel maintain their Iron-clad continuity, and see how we like the next actor to be Iron-man, I enjoy the X-franchise a lot and am happy to suspension-of-disbelief various changes.


I think as this genre progresses… there will be this attempt to go into the more “unfilmable” material.

the time travel is already upon us… but I think the success of this flirtation with the “unfilmable” will determine if the Shi’Ar will appear in the future.


… still locked in the reified linear space/time fiction.
Then again none of the quantum attempts have been exactly scintillating or, to use an impossible adjective, “realistic”.
The X thing looks to be a good yarn of course, great for a pizza and a beer with the kids some evening … makes it a five star perfecto!
Who could ask for more?
Fellini maybe … :arteest:


I was thinking about the Shi’ar recently too. I am not betting against the Guardians of the Galaxy, any longer, but it doesn’t seem like it will be my cup of tea. Galactic political powers afraid of a super powerful mutant, bringing them to our door step…not bad in my opinion…the Brood, Geiger-esque aliens with a desire for mutant-hosts, as a follow up…The Mutant Massacre…good stuff. Totally 80s!!!


The thought of Professor-X becoming the lover boy of some intergalactic Emperor Queen is definitely something you can rate under “challenges the film franchise may never want to take”.


Where are my giant Sentinels? Sure there are human size ones but you just have to have sentinels that are at least the height of a two storey house otherwise I won’t acknowledge them :stuck_out_tongue: .

There’s also the question of the time paradox, does this mean there will be 2 timelines now?


Looks awesome


That’s as big as they get in this movie.


The next actor to be Iron Man? Has Robert Downey Jr. officially stated he will not return to do Iron Man or Avengers?


Which actually isn’t too far off from what they’re supposed to be. Seeing as how Bryan Singer is 5’10" tall, that Sentinel has got to be a good 15’. Not quite the 20’ of the comic book version, but not too far off.

In fact, the comic Sentinels tend to vary in size. Off the top of my head…

  • Sentinels Mark I-VIII: 20ft
  • Master Mold: 30ft
  • Nimrod: 6ft - 10ft (varies)
  • Bastion: 6ft
  • Prime Sentinels: 5ft - 7ft (Sentinel human hybrid)
  • Wild Sentinels: 1ft - 30ft
  • Omega Sentinel: 60ft
  • Tri-Sentinel: 60ft
  • Nano-Sentinels: Microscopic

So, yeah, they can really vary in size. A 5ft differential is nothing. They’re pretty close to the mark. The future ones are pretty much on the mark, height-wise when you consider that, with a few exceptions, the Sentinels have been skewing just a bit smaller in recent years.

Wasn’t Bishop the mutant they sent back through time? Or is Wolverine taking that part over the latest step in “Wolverine is now the hero of X-Men” development?

To answer your first question, no. Bishop was introduced in 1991, 10 years after the DoFP story. He hails from a dystopian future derived from that one, but he had nothing to do with the original story.

The character originally sent back was Kate Pryde, the older version of Kitty. Kate’s mind was blasted into the past thanks to telepath extraordinaire Rachel, later revealed to be Jean Grey & Cyclops’ daughter in potential. Kate was tasked with stopping Mystique from assassinating Senator Kelly. In the future, that event led to the mass extermination and detention of mutants.

To answer your second question, the reason why Wolverine is being used is simple and it really has nothing to do with him being a fan favorite. Simply put… FOX screwed up.

For a good portion of the 1980s, Kitty Pryde was the POV character. It was through her eyes that we saw Claremont’s X-Men. In the first 3 movies, however, the POV characters were Rogue and Wolverine. It’s their stories we followed. Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde character wasn’t officially introduced until 2006’s X-Men 3.

Because both Kitty and Rogue wouldn’t be alive in the 1970s, the logical “go to” character would Wolverine, who’s well over 100 years old. Being one of the key POV character for the movies, it only made sense to go back to the “Wolverine Well” again.

FOX totally screwed up X-Men continuity. For those expecting a faithful version of that DoFP story, be prepared to be disappointed. Certain changes will be made and other events will likely not happen at all.

  • That Uncanny X-Men #142 cover? With Wolverine going back into the past, that scene is becoming unlikely to happen.
  • Magneto had nothing to do with the original story, at least not in the present/past timeline. Typically, FOX is turning this into a Magneto/Xavier story.
  • Senator Kelly died in the 2000 original X-Men movie, which means that he’d have to be substituted with Nixon.
  • Mystique and her Brotherhood were the big baddies in the original DoFP, which means that her character probably gets shortchanged in favor of Magneto in the movie.
  • Xavier was a pretty minor character in the original story. Here? Not.
  • Most of the future characters in the movie didn’t exist yet. IMO, expect characters like Bishop, Sunspot, Blink, & Warpath to be Sentinel fodder.
  • Because FOX is rebooting the Fantastic Four with younger actors, there will be no appearance by an older Franklin Richards in the future. (Franklin is Reed & Sue’s kid, btw.)
  • Because Ratner killed off Cyclops & Jean, don’t expect to see future Rachel either.

Basically, the only elements I expect them to retain are the assassination plot, the dystopian future, and the time travel aspect. That’s it. I wholly expect there to be a bunch of big and small details lost in the translation. Again, blame it on FOX. They screwed up continuity from Day 1. No translated story will play out as it should because of that.


RDJ has already signed on for Avengers 2 & 3, but not Iron Man 4. He has gone on the record, in a recent Variety interview, saying that Marvel will likely recast at some point in the future. After all he IS getting older. He’ll probably be 52 by the time Avengers 3 comes out. Not horribly old, but about 15-20 years older than the character. Plus, RDJ is becoming far too expensive. That’s a huge reason to recast too. I think that Avengers 3 will be his last outing as Tony Stark.


Not to highjack the thread, but I imagine Marvel will be still kicking ass across the board by then, and I would prefer they kill off Tony Stark than recast…anything but a recast. Iron Patriot, Ironkid, Iron Pepper (Pepper + a flying harness would have been a killer version of Ms. Marvel because the original Ms. Marvel/Binary/Carol Danvers actual history is garbage…but noooOOOooo they had to remove her new kick ass super powers in an outro montage…)

RDJ said something before about not doing it forever and within the same news story, Joss Whedon made some comment about James Bond and recasting.I just think that would mess with the established universe, because I am predicting the actors for Thor and CPT A will stick around for a while.

To the X-men and really going nuts with time travel…Wolverine being recast…no thanks. Replacing him with a time displaced heroic Sabretooth…maybe please? It is so awesome to have some of the “hottest” young actors playing Professor X, Magneto and Mystique at this time…like…in 30 years they will be just growing into the roles maybe.


To be honest many of the above changes are the same changes I would do.

The reason being “a movie has to be bigger and wider”… And that’s both in scale and appeal. So you kind of have to factor in people who like or are familiar with X-Men but only certain versions and aren’t as well-read in the mythos as the core fans.

For example, the only version of DoFP I am familiar with is the one from the animated series where they did send Bishop back through time.

When talking about the “theatric experience” which must outdo everything else, then, yes, Magneto must be the big-bad all the time, every time, except maybe when facing Apocalypse.

Same with Professor-X. To make it the ultimate experience, you need “number one” in there as well.

Another change I’d anticipate:

The whole Franklin Richards/Scott Summers daughter thing will be just written out or simplified… Particularly Franklin Richards will just be amalgamated into another male character and just written out. This is, after all, a WOLVERINE movie now, there’s no time to explore all these other things - especially the Fantastic Four family tree. :stuck_out_tongue:


CGIPadawan, that’s not a sentinel! People are mistaken, that’s a purple vacuum cleaner :p.


I think if it were up to me I would have gone with more Ashley Woods/true 70’s style robots:



And I’d make EACH of them 40 feet high - twice the height of the comic book sentinels. Why? Because a movie has to be “bigger” than anything in the books. :stuck_out_tongue:

But also because they have to represent Man’s excessive response to Nature when he cannot control it. This is like how people create giant tree cutting machines when axes alone couldn’t satisfy their need to “go bigger”.

And I’d also ask that we don’t show any Sentinels under “good lighting” until the 45th minute. The “bad future prologue” being purely clouded in smoke and it’s just glowing eyes, beams and huge robot hands and robot feet.

Oh and they wouldn’t be purple… they would be coated in that special stealth paint - imagine that - giant things you can’t see on Radar! Plus that would give them this cool matte black like finish with red glowing eyes.