X-Mas TV Advertisement


Hi everybody!!

We from Seagullsfly just finished a 30" TV Ad for Christhmas…


It shows the difficulties of Santa Claus at the different parts of the world, and how it is easy for him to be here in Rio… :slight_smile:

I can send the text for you guys if you want…

There are a few more download options at our website, so if you prefer go to http://www.seagullsfly.com

Hope to have some good critics on this one!!




Cadinho, nicely done. simple characters conveying action through effective animation. I like it. great use of colour in “chinatown” scene (excuse my ignorance), snowy town scene and africa scene.

The environment seems lacking sometimes - very particularly in the beach scene, surfing scene, and somewhat in the africa scene. i think these scenes take away from the animations quality. i think the audience attention to the environments level of detail could be minimalised through better use of colour and cinematography.

from the environment seen through the camera angles the world looks very small, like it is existing inside a one of those snowy balls with the little house inside and the snow that you shake around and make look all pretty. im not sure if this is the style you are going for, but it exists strongly in the final beach scene i feel. this may be remedied by adjusting the horizon level to be more mid-screen, so the audience is not constantly looking down upon your characters.

nice job.



Yes, I have to agree with your comments about the “Inside tha box” feeling. Thanks for the tips!!! We will pay more attention to that with our future projects…
I think that the cause for that is that we had to minimize everything we could because we only had 3 weeks to do this commercial… :shrug:

Anyway, we had a lot of fun with that… :slight_smile:

Here is some screenshots of the movie to those that doesn’t have a fast internet connection…


Lovely animation! I really liked the lighting and the overall mood of the advert :slight_smile: Even though the environments were quite simple in areas, I thought it suited the feel of the piece, and the lovely tones and lighting really made a great impact.

Great work :thumbsup:

Plugged on the front page so we can inject some holiday spirit into CGTalk!


OMG… you just bring the magic of x-mas for all the kids. The lighting is incredible.


very nice, I love the colors! That put me in the spirit.

Great work


Great colors :slight_smile:



lovely animation,
coherence of style, color scheme, direction and animation are all great, and those bouncing kids are adorable!

only animation crit is maybe the surfing which to me looks a bit smooth and easy-going (does that make sense?) and the running through the serengeti, in which santa looks a lil bit odd (can’t figure out exactly whats odd tho - its 3:20am for me and they’re very small anyway), but still amazing work.

the company website is veeery nice too, actually quite fun looking at you guys round your office! you really get the feeling you guys love your work just from that bit,

cool, look forward to your next works!


I thought the 3d-characters matched the plastic models the company uses really well. I especially liked the way Santa’s surfboard interacted with the water. Great stuff!


great work, nice style.


love the lighting…simply superb stuff…i was immediately reminded of that classic coca-cola ad done using final render…


great concept-d/l it now


what codec did you use? its crashing my media players


Nice colors and lighting, nice animation too.
I like the first and third part most :slight_smile:


The stills look very very cool,love the lighting and shading,my internet connection sucks,so i cant check out the animation,but im sure its good.Very cool work guys.

leigh:how about wensday at 18:00?


You guys at Seagulls Fly, do you ever sleep? :wise: Man, you keep doing great stuff!

I really like the general look of the ad, the lighting, the animation, the models. Simply great.

The fact of being made in only 3 weeks… possibly with little or no sleep… makes it even better.

And congratulations for the front page in CGTalk!

You guys rock! :buttrock:



Muito bom!

Congratulations on yet another great CG small movie!

All the shots are lovely, specially the European shot, the snowie Xmas feel you put into it is lovely!

Models are great, shaders are really good and effective, lighting is really well achieved and the overall compos completely do the job in tying it all together.

Btw, i don’t get the “inside a box” feeling in any of the shots. They all look preety good to me.

Only bit i don’t like that much is the water on the surf shot. Somehow it looks too “3d” to me.

All in all, the best Xmas 3d small feature i’ve seen this year! Congratulations!


Santo crepe!

3 weeks from start to finish? You may work in some madhouse! Clients sure love your work much more than your family!

I loved the art direction! The layouts and colors alone tell the story.

Congrats for the plug! (the front page plug, i meant)



Yeah right ZNP… you said it all!!
I believe that there’s no CG Artist wife that likes her husbands job… :sad:

Anyway… :shrug:

Yeah, I’m glad you all noticed the color schemes throughout the movie because we worked a lot on that… I mean, the red for China, the brown for Africa, blue for europe and the yellow for Rio… It really gives a good mood to the scene… Credits for Joana Carneiro Peixinho (http://www.joanacarneiro.com) and Gabriel Loke (nos site), our 2D artists responsible for the color schemes and layouts!!!


Nice animation. The chinese part is just perfect, I loved it!
the european part is so cute! =)

(this part is beyond my English, so I’ll write in portuguese)

o vídeo inteiro é muito bom, mas eu não entendi direito aquela parte que o papai noel pega a onda… atrás dele (na onda) ficam umas partículas meio estranhas. Isso é a única coisa q eu vi que não tá perfeita no filme. o resto é genial! parabéns, kra! =)