X-gen hair isn't following my guides very closely


So I’ve been doing my own research, but have not found a solution. I modeled some hair. Then I took the model and converted s bunch of edges into splines.
Here’s the result. Looks pretty good to me.

In this case, I’m just trying a small portion of the hair as a test. I’ll start with the bangs.

I’ll select the scalp geo, and create an xgen collection using the splines to control the hair that will be scattered randomly on the geo.

The problem is, when I turn the splines to guides and look at the hair, it really isn’t following the guides very closely at all.

I mean, especially if you look at the underside of the scalp, these hairs are way off.

How can I make the hairs match closer to the splines? I read one of the solutions is that you don’t have enough splines, but I don’t feel like that is the problem with me. Someone else recommended creating a clumping…copy effect but I don’t know if that is correct, or even how to make it work. I played around with some of the clumping…copy effect settings and nothing changed at all.

If I change the “generate primitives” dropdown from “randomly across the surface” to “At guide locations” it matches my guides perfectly…except there is only one hair for every guide. It isn’t filling in the in-between areas. Am I missing something?

Any suggestions?


Try increasing the Modifier CV Count (under Primitive Attributes) and also using a region map: Region Maps and Masks


I’ve done both of those things and am still getting weird results. Look at this for instance. The CV modifier count is at 60 and I’m still getting hairs near the root that are radically different shapes than the guide hairs.



For that type of thing clumping will help. In these screens the clump map is generated from the guides. You can also add copy effect for maximum conformity.


I’ll look into that.



use a region map to sepperate the hair…
have in mind you need to paint two colors… dont use black…


I’ve done this, and it helps separate different sections, but doesn’t seem to help stray hairs that are popping through my mesh

I’ll be playing around with it more though.


Heyy man did you find any solution for the mesh penetration issue… I’m having the same issue!