.X format question


Um, I have a question about the .X exporter in Blender…

In version 2.33 I asked around on a different forums about the .X exporter and whether it exported animations, bones, armature and stuff.

They said it works fine, but the weights and armatures werent implemented yet.

So It’s now been 3 releases since and i was wondering, Is it complete?
Help would be aprecieted since I need my models in .x format to work with my 3d game engine. ( I use DarkBASIC to write games, and 3D is easier than 2D in that language and so I need a way to make models)


Anyone here?:sad:

Oh well, this always happens:banghead:


Sorry, but I’ve never used the .X format, related to Blender nor for other uses… I have this “stay away from Micro$oft” policy that I auto enforce upon myself.

But maybe you could try posting this question on the game-developers forum at elysiun.


Will do, thanks gfor the help


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