Wyatt Earp Bust, Ryan Trammell (3D)


Title: Wyatt Earp Bust
Name: Ryan Trammell
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, ZBrush

Slightly updated version of my Wyatt Earp bust, added a spec highlight to his eyes, refined the hair settings, added more detail to the sculpt/normal map and a little comp work in Nuke. The hair was a learning experience for me, and overall I’m happy with it as a first attempt, but I know it’s far from perfect. This was modeled, lit and rendered in Maya, sculpted and posed in Zbrush, textured in Mudbox, post work done in Nuke. Thanks for critiques and comments, they are much appreciated!


ah yeah! i’m feelin it - great transition from skin to hair. you still have that texture/uv thing on the left shoulder :smiley: looks great - can’t wait to see it in motion


I like it,but the specular map (skin) could be better,looks opaque!
In reflection eyes,are you using some Hdr?Because looks a unique point,very simple!!



I saw your work before, it’s still amazing!


He’s looking great… also like the texturing too …
My concern is about his eyes spec and may be iris is looking a bit bigger.
Rest overall is cool … :applause:


Hey thanks everybody!

As far as the spec on the eyes, I think the way the eye is modeled might be the real source of the weirdness. It’s more evident in motion, when you can see the spec traveling across the surface of the eye. It kind of jumps from one polygon to the next, so I might need to fix some of the modeling.

I am using IBL for reflections in his eyes, though it’s not really coming through very much. I found it was a difficult balance to hit, because reflections are undoubtedly there but I think they’re relatively minimal unless you’re right up close. I’ll take another look at my reference and refine it more.

The spec in the skin could definitely use more refinement as well, no doubt. This was my first real stab at using the sub-surface skin shader and I have a long way to go in learning how to get the best results out of it. I’ll revisit it and try to get a better handle on it.

Thanks again for the great critiques everybody! Very valuable information!


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