www.ParticleFlow.net -- Full Free training courses


Free training courses for PFlow, and tutorials for FumeFX, and soon Krakatoa and TP.



Dead link.


Yeah, sorry about that. It should be working in the next 24 hours, somehow the forwarding IP got messed up and I just found it and fixed it. Dont let that discourage you, this site will be great I hope.


I hope it’s gonna be as cool as it sounds like, bump this up when the site is live :wink:


Okay, the site is up and running now.

I should have the final tutorial for the introductory course up today, and have the courseware section a little easier to navigate.

Anyhow, thanks for your patience while my URL got fixed,

  • Evan


the site is running 100%

verry cool



Cool! Great work!


I am fairly new here so I am not sure how CGTalk takes to sharing updates to sites, but I thought I would share that I added the final tutorial for the PFlow introductory course. I want to also say that this is not a normal introductory course, it is pretty advanced but geared to teach the workflow and system.

Anyhow, thanks for the comments and keep them coming, that is your site.

  • Evan


Nice resource! Thanks for sharing:)


Hey guys, I just posted the first lesson in the new FumeFX basic training course. Check it out.



Its not working…when i click on the link of full length introductory course i automatically get logged out of my gmail account…Am I the only one facing this problem???


That image is actually not a link. If you click ‘courseware’ in the nav bar, there you will find the courses. the image is unlinked now, as it was just an error with the publishing.

  • Evan


Thanks Evan,

I watched the first tutorial on Particle Flow. It is amazing. It definitely helps me understand Pflow a bit more. Thanks so much.


Hey no problem. Glad they are helping you. There is alot more to come, but I have a new baby so sometimes the background noise would not be very conducive for concentration.


Thanks for the tutorials Evan :bounce: …And congrats for your baby :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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