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I used also Lightwave 3d 9.6 and Simple Skin :smiley:

nice Teeth but i think the shading of the teeth looks a little bit like ceramic.


Yes the teeth are very hard to get right. Not easy to master Simple Skin with teeth and gums.

Stage 8: Some lighting tests and eyelashes added.

Stage 9: More ZBrush refinements and texture work. Maybe time to try a new Reference shot to match to, this time to get a more neutral pose and flatter lighting conditions.


The right image is photograph. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Do you render with linear workflow?
What is render time on the right image?

You 're truly great man. seem like you did it very easily :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:



Stage 6: Lightwave - Projection Tutorial (no narration)[/b]

[[img]http://www.ir-ltd.net/wip/Post-24.jpg[/img]](http://www.ir-models.com/fdm_file_detail.php?file_id=83&CDpath=)[b] 4.5 MB

Stage 7: Freebie teeth, forgot to add this to the above post.[/b]

[b]*OBJ and TIFF files*[/b]
[left][[b][img]http://www.ir-ltd.net/wip/Post-23a.jpg[/img][/b]](http://www.ir-models.com/fdm_file_detail.php?file_id=82&CDpath=)[b] 8 MB[/b]

Tutorial (no narration) how to apply a 16bit .tiff back to an imported .OBJ mesh in ZBrush.

3 MB

Register at the store to get the files (if you havent already) :) [/b][www.ir-models.com](http://www.ir-models.com/index.php)


wat2k: Thanks! :cool: Well I hope this WIP might help you and others achieve the same kind of simple work flow. I render with FPRIME, about 15-20 mins an image in Lighwtave. Thanks for the kind comments, well this is what this simple tutorial is for, all these models are available at the store and the process to make your own likeness is very simple. It just takes time and patience.


Hi Infinite, I think this thread is a great resource. Ive been a big admirer of your work for some time. Thank you for sharing, it is very insightful. :thumbsup:


vsions: No problem :thumbsup: I hope the thread helps, it’s just a teaser to a full Tutorial that will be available soon. I just wanted to give away some free objects and quick vids in case they might be of any use to people in the mean time.


wow … its extreme hard for me to make models with this level of details … i was ever inspired by your work …thanks

(sorry for my bad english)


Coming along nicely Lee!


Turri: Your english is good, thanks for the comments.

Vimmy: That means allot coming from you Vimmy, thank you.

Stage 9: A new neutral pose. Just some heavy sculpting in ZBrush using lots of reference. Lots more to do on the likeness, also more work needs to be done on the texture to remove that aweful heavy lipstick!

Stage 10: More likeness refinements and extra texture work.


Hi Lee
Gorgeous thread! :thumbsup:
Your ‘flash’ lighting has superb quality! May i ask the set-up for that?


Zokaana: Hey thanks! I will put together a simple vid tomorrow and some workflow pics just about the lighting. I’m retiring for the night :smiley: Thanks for your post.


thanks, can’t wait. :slight_smile:
i think i should retire as well…


the ref you are using is not doing a real smile, she’s doing a prop smile. For a more real smile, you need to squint the eyes a little more, and don’t pull the flesh back so hard around the mouth. She’s almost doing a grimace, and yours is coming out even more that way.


Thanks Stacey, very useful. I plan to use the neutral pose (see the first post) The smile (or grimace as you call it) was just a test. Thanks for your help.

Zokana: you dont need to retire! :smiley:


ha…ha…ha - well, you said you’re “retiring for the night”, reminding me on those famous words “I think I’ll retire”.


Stage 10: More likeness refinements and extra texture work.

  I just swapped over to ZBrush 3.5 today. Wow!  I am blown away, it now feels totally different. Really slick, fast and fluid, so much more precise (has any one else noticed this?) Also the new noise tools are fantastic.
  I worked some more on the actual likeness of Scarlett. I think it's getting closer but it's so hard to find a good front shot without perspective distortion.
  [b]New ZBrush 3.5 Sculpt:[/b]

  Test renders:
  [b]Lighting Pipeline:[/b] Some quick break down shots of the flash effect and some Lightwave scene files (very basic but should help some LW users) Included is a nifty skin shader setup :buttrock:
 [[b]Lighting-Examples.zip[/b]](http://www.ir-models.com/fdm_file_detail.php?file_id=85&CDpath=) 290 KB
 Basic Render:
 Layout screengrab:
 Layout screengrab: Top down
 Layout screengrab: Light fall off effect.
 Layout screengrab: Twin area Lights, 1 larger and softer than the other + a luminous poly.
 Some skin shader settings. Take note of the specular settings
 The scene is very simple, one box room, a backdrop wall. 
 The scene is rendered with FPrime. GI set to 3 bounces, reflection and raytrace shadows on. 2 Area lights, one larger than the other but not as bright to soften the light edges and shadow blur. One luminous poly attahced to 1st light. Both lights are parented to the camera and set slightly to the left and up. Thats about it.
  [b]Stage 11:[/b] More likeness refinements and extra texture work.


BTW Zokana, I like your progress in your Wip :thumbsup:


oh wow Lee haven’t seen your thread here - sweet stuff as always - your lightrigs are always great!


Hey Lee, don’t know how to thank to you - it’s very kind! Thousend thanks! :slight_smile:
I saved everything to study it carefully. Indeed, lighting set-up is quite simple (as most genious things), the secret is the material settings. At first glance surprisingly high amount of gloss on the skin.
I’ll try to achieve this quality in C4D as well, at least for myself - and if using it for a publication, i’ll certainly credit you for the knowledge.

Your development of cute Scarlett is fascinating. You are a true master in getting photorealism in your portraits! The only difficulty I believe to see in the presented method is the guessing of the perspective in the reference photo. I think this guess is most crucial for the result, needing quite a lot of experience with photography (it’s most hard to define the used focal length especially in portraits).

However, your guess seems to be great, but nonetheless I have the feel, the head (not the face) is slightly too narrow. My impression might be caused by the focal length used for your last renders.(the width in your smiling version appears to be correct)

Looking forward to see your next steps in this thread! And thanks again!