Comments and critiques welcome.



Hi Ben

Nice site.

Here are a few tips that can enhance your flash site:

  1. Try using pixel fonts, because they are clearer then the regular fonts and also smaller in size.

  2. You could put some copyright information on the bottom of the page, to make it look professional.

These are just my opinion, please don’t be offended by them :slight_smile:


The site flows well and is simple, which is good. I would definitely get more work up there though. It seems the site overpowers the work you have. Your news section seems to appear only when you enter your site. It would be nice to be able to get back to it after clicking other areas.


-Thanks for the comment Eviltroll,
The reason my portfolio is lacking is that i’ve just built up my 3d skills where i think i can make front page here, so i’m taking some hints from http://www.stevengiesler.com/ and only putting fantastic work on there. Don’t worry, i should have a new piece of in a week or two, and a short animation following that.

I’ll have to think about adding a button for the news section, i didn’t think people really needed to go back to it, but maybe i’m wrong :slight_smile: it wouldn’t be hard to put in. Thanks for viewing my site!


Thanks for the tips, i’ll add the copyright next time i update (which should be in a week or so). And maybe i’ll change the font, although thats kinda a hassle now. Maybe on version 3 i’ll have to research my font choice better. Thanks for the critiques!


Nice style, I have two pints though,

  1. The green of the chipset kinda meses up the whole red setting
  2. The wireframe of the head in the portofolio section is kinda pixely

The rest is just perfect! :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s the green that messes up the color scheme. I think it’s the color scheme that messes up the green. Reason being is portfolio sites that have a predominant neutral color seem to work best. That way, the work can stand alone by itself, and not have other colors distracting it. Neutral colors meaning, black, white, gray, de-saturated tones of other colors, for the background.


Have you checked it recently floriz? I changed the green ‘chipset’ so its red until you rollover it. And i agree with the head in the port section, it looks pretty cheesy :slight_smile: I’ll take it out when i update my portfolio. :slight_smile:



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