WW II Airplane: P50 Jastrzab prototype 1939


Hi all :slight_smile:
I would like to post my first WIP here :rolleyes: .
PZL P50 was the first Polish fighter in “modern” configuration. It was flown in February 1939 for the first time.
Due to engine production delay it could not be considered operational. At the begining of WW II there was one finished prototype and about 30 unfinished.

I took P50 as a subject because theres no CG visualisations of it that I know about (probobly because of lack of any
kind of documentation). My work would be not only to visualise the object, but to try to make it look like an airplane from the first line with field modifications. It could be made by aproximations of what was in production at that time (PZL P11, PZL P24) and what technology was used in Poland shortly before the war. I will try to do some field constructions like opened gun bays, or borrowed parts from P11… we will see :slight_smile:

This model is in draft stage. After comparison with four photos of real plane (yes only 4 left - and we can see only part of the windshield, small part of the wing and engine cowling) I came to a conclusion that most of areas should be modeled once more. The plans available on the net could be very inaccurate. Please dont pay attantion on the wings - they are simply placeholders right now.

Please forgive me if I will not respond for a few days - I could be away form the net.

Please share your opinions with me.




nice work so far, no crits for the model as of yet :slight_smile:


Looks quite good, with exeption of the wing roots which look a bit messy.It is always great when people model unkown and obscure aircraft.
Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


Looks very promising so far, Michal! :thumbsup:
And nice choice of subject, for sure!
I like the engine detail.

Some crits, though:

  • As Andreas said, the wingroots need some touching up. The trraling edge at that point looks too low-poly too.
  • The vertical tailfin looks completely flat. It should have an airfoil shape too and be thicker.
  • The gunports look really strange/simplistic
  • The canopy frame looks very thin and two-dimensional (make it a little wider and add thickness)

I must say though, I am not too familiar with this plane (I have never seen any photos - only drawings), but the comments I made are most likely valid as they are concerning common features of a typical WW2 plane.

Other than that, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind comments!
Indeed - there are some places where I should invest more work. Especially wingroots and wings shilouette. I have redone wingroots - they are much smoother now. Still need to make correct shape of the wings.

Ronnie - you are absolutely right about vertical stab. I should have noticed this dunring modeling…

Considering gunports I have no idea/image how could they look in reality. This is my guessing game. Maybe you have some ideas after looking at the plans from AirWars?

Definately I will add thicknes to the canopy, but looking at the photo of the canopy struts I think the only part that should be changed is the bottom strut (horizontal one)IMHO. It has to be thicker a lil.

I have added exhaust pipe to the engine cowling and smoothed wingroot.

All details of the engine (guessing game again) should be corrected - I should to make holes in the fuselage for cylinders.

Thank you all for the comments!




The canopy is indeed surprisingly thin. About the gunports, they are more like bumps - not cylinders.

Have a look a the artwork here: http://www.samoloty.ow.pl/str003k7.htm (seems you’re not the first doing the P.50 in 3D afterall)

The P.50 was inspired on the Seversky P-35 which has similar gunports; also in aerodynamic fairings, but protruding further. On the P.50 they’re simple bumps.

I see you found the P.50 photos, by the way. I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail them to me :slight_smile:


Nice work!

It look nice so far… keep it going!!


:bounce: We want more! :bounce:

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanx for kind words :slight_smile:

In fact I am working on P50 all the time… A few days back I got very good drawings made by Mr. Cynk and Mr. Klepacki. Simply I have to model everything from the scratch… I will post something when I will reach previous level (I hope it will be soon).




Very promising Michal:thumbsup:

Great job. I’m looking for the next update.


Ohhh yeahhh .Very nice.

No crits. except those already mentioned. :thumbsup:


Hehe, be glad you didn’t got these drawings when the model was finished! I had that once (with the Bv 141). Good luck on your second attempt! Can’t wait to see it.


wow great modeling. looks awesome


Great model! I really like the idea to make a good rendering of this rare airplane!



WE WANT MORE :bounce: :deal: :smiley:


mmmh yeah, very original choice for this airplane Michal, really…

I just find a photo of the prototype P.Z.L. P50 Jastrzab, and it appear very different… I don’t know it very well, it exist many prototypes or you decided to make a production aircraft ?

I send you some courage to finish your aiplane Michal :thumbsup: seeya


Thank you for ecouragement!
I really would like to finish P50 quickly, but the subject is very demanding. Most of the time I am researching for more materials. In fact apart of four photos we dont have anything. There are no original blueprints at all.
The picture you have found is press material which is produced before the war and it is a painting.
The most succesfull guess comes from Mr. Klepacki with the side plan.


 Right now I am looking for the gear plans from Skoda. 

thank you all cheers



Thanks for precisions :thumbsup: I try to find in my old magazines of this time if I can find more informations for you… maybe, but nothing sure, because they are French magazines of before war…

I understand very well about the long time of realization… more of one year for my dewoitine :banghead: hahahaha


Hello, --mi-- !

Seems we live next to each other in Warsaw but met “here” :scream: I`m afraid your thread is inactive from a bit of time :stuck_out_tongue: Hope I will see sth in future…

Regarding PZL P.50, several months ago main aviation magazines in Poland published new, recently found photos of this plane!!! It looked far different from the previous drawings and even different from the fragments of the prototype visible on the previous photos. I`m afraid you will have to re-model your mesh again…

BTW, I like your avatar very much :wink: P.11 was one of my favourite planes when I was keen on this topic. Are you going to model it as well?


Hello Henryk :slight_smile:
Thanx for your kind words. Right now I am working on fourth edition of P50. Being experienced in changing everything in this 3d model I have to be sure to have the most accurate and up to date informations. I will be in touch with the people who knows everything or most about the history of this plane.

As far as P11 goes - here is 60% finished 3D model.