WSJ: Adobe Considering Cloud Changes in Response to Critics.


Adobe Systems Inc. ADBE +1.60%will make changes to its Creative Cloud to address some concerns raised by critics of the company’s shift to delivering its creative tools online rather than in licensed editions.

“We have heard some concerns around our move to Creative Cloud,” the company said in a blog post that addresses problems photographers have with the online service and questions about file access after online subscriptions end. Adobe didn’t offer a response to customers who want to continue purchasing desktop applications other than to say, “We have no plans to change our focus on Creative Cloud.”"


I saw these earlier today. I think the communications effort here is similar to that discussed within the WSJ story.

Just bizarre…


I think they are entirely deaf, and have no interest in serving the interest of those who use their products. This cloud serves them and no one else. It allows them to continually charge, without the need to update anything. Smells of a big scam it does.


An Adobe quote from one of the above links:

“our job is to delight our customers with innovation,”

I find that statement hilarious.

“Photographers, particularly photo-enthusiasts, are looking for a more tailored offering that focuses on their particular needs.”

Everyone, regardless of profession wants that. It’s EXACTLY why the Creative suites were successful in the first place. Adobe can’t possibly be this dense can they? The next quote is my favorite though:

“Some customers are not convinced that Creative Cloud is right for them and would rather continue to purchase desktop applications as before.”

That’s not even snipped from a large quote. It’s the entire bullet point. They listed it and offered no solution to it. :banghead:

I guess it’s good that they are at least pretending like any of the complaints matter to them, but so far these don’t fill me with a lot of hope.


Let’s say Toyota decided to only lease their cars.

What you should do is buying Honda or Ford or whatever other than Toyota.
If you keep crying and asking to Toyata “I ONLY want your cars nothing else!”
Why on the earth Toyota would change their plan?


What you should do is buying Honda or Ford or whatever other than Toyota.
If you keep crying and asking to Toyata “I ONLY want your cars nothing else!”
Why on the earth Toyota would change their plan?

Not at all an apt comparison. In this case if Adobe is “Toyota”, there literally is no “Ford” or “Honda” for most of their products. It’s more like if Adobe is “Toyota”, you can get a Yugo or maybe a Vespa but that’s about it.


I agree. There is no good alternatives for adobe products and they know it and that’s why they can treat customers like they would be air/nothing.

Sure there are some alternatives, but like somebody did say something like this:
Adobe = chocolate cookies. Alternatives = it is like buying chocolate and cookies and mix them (and some times the result is also better, but not always)


There are some alternatives, but not many that really match up to this standard.


eventually someone will come around with more innovation and better pricing and will take customers away.

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually. Nothing lasts forever…


So… you are admitting the fact that you have no other choice.
Then why would Adobe drop their plan?

Unless people invest on “Yugo”, Toyata will do whatever they want to do.


It seems they talked a bit about Adobe CC at AENY.

[li]Adobe is currently investigating various ways to make sure your AfterEffects and PPro projects can be opened if you end your sub. #aeny[/li]> [li]Some of those ways are really quite reasonable. #aeny[/li]> [li]Their goal is to release AfterEffects at least twice, but hopefully three times a year. Other CC apps may vary. #aeny[/li]> [/ul]

Courtesy of Ocotothorpe


Adobe knows there aren’t any really competitive products which is why they’re making this move now. As someone else said eventually some company is going to actually smell the blood in the water and discover that they are a shark in this space. Until that happens there are enough Pre-CC Adobe apps in existence to support most if not all of the industry until suitable alternatives become available just because virtually none of the newest features are critical for most work. It would be cool to CinePaint evolve into a BEAST.


When I read these statements this morning my first thought was it sounded like they were admitting that they are in denial.

The idea that these three bullets are the only significant concerns is ludicrous. I personally think the potential for controversy when hardware synchronization becomes an issue to be their biggest hurdle.

The fact they were even willing to bullet a point for which the only solution is in direct contradiction to their hardline, and then say they are totally committed to their hardline, is just bizarre.

Why say anything at all if your not serious about doing anything about it?

It’s sad really, this arrogant IT mega-culture which these big companies succumb to.

I wonder if anyone at Adobe remembers Ampex or Quantel?

“Quantel”, that’s a thought. In an Adobe context, would be very ironic actually.



The only thing I believe Adobe are going to listen to is their bottom line.

If this forced cloud rental scheme is a success, Autodesk, the Foundry and all the other vendors are going to jump onboard.

I will be sticking with Master Collection CS6 and looking at alternatives. I hope that the huge enterprise customers in government, education, etc will not buy into the cloud.

It can definitely be very difficult to move to alternatives because the full suite of Adobe software really is great. That said, CS6 is definitely great enough for me to keep working with for the time being.


This is one of the big problems Cloud adopters are going to face.

So, imagine they’ve subscribed to the cloud for 3 years and they now want to move to another, more innovative and cheaper vendor…what about all the digital art they have created with the Creative Cloud software over the last 3 years?

Anytime they want to access that, they are going to have to resume a creative cloud subscription. If they had a perpetual licence, they could make the switch and keep their ‘old’ Adobe software on the shelf for the times they want to edit an old project.

People argue that you can export PSDs as TIFF layers and Premiere timelines as EDLs, etc, etc…or you could ‘just’ rebuild a project from scratch. That’s just rediculous. WHY are people happy to resort to that for no good reason?

With a Cloud-only future, users are loosing so, so, so many freedoms as ‘customers’. It astounds me that so many users are still actually defending Adobe’s cloud-only scheme.


26,800 customers are against their cloud service and they say they’ll have a solution shortly…

what are the options for those on low budgets… open source?


Why doesn’t everyone just buy the current physical suites (CS5.5, CS6.0) instead of buying any future versions?


yeah, adobe would hate that… :wink:


Adobe reminds me of a country government. They have smooth-talking politicians who write “we care about our customers” speeches but care about only one thing- their bottom line. The only vote that counts in either case is the one with your wallet.


Stick with CS6 for a while until you have no choice. That is our plan :slight_smile:

Honestly for 99% of people out there now upgrading from CS6 will not really give you much more useful features. The only thing that becomes a problem in collaborative production is when you need to work with other people that have newer versions. And if you have a project that REQUIRES you to use a newer version just pay the monthly fee and use it for the 1 month of the project. Then go back.

I know it’s not ideal… but nothing would be ideal other than Adobe going back to the suites. Fine, make then download only, but let me upgrade my Production Premium suites once a year. Or put me on subscription. Whatever… just not this :slight_smile: