??? wrong polygon-rendering ???


hi guys

I’m working on a hand. Here are two screenies:

The problem is the rendering:

I don’t know where the surfacemistakes come from. The subpatch level is high enough (10). As you can see, is the model clear -> only 4point-polys.




Are you using light maps on your lights? Sometimes those cause oddities in render. Also, are you sure that you don’t have two polygons on top of each other in the model?


I rendered the object with one distantlight and backdrop radiosaty with FPrime 1.02.


Could it be that you have some double polys in that area? I mean, 2 polys that share the same vertices?

Keep on truckin’


No IronGoblin - no double polys.


I’ve seen this too. Everything looks fine, no double polys, no unwelded points… the only solution was to kill the offending polys around the point and rebuild them.


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