Wrigley's 5 chewing gum commercials


Just finished a few cool spots for Wrigley’s 5 chewing gum here at MPC. Would like to congratulate the 3D team here, we where quite under manned, working long nights, but everyone did an awesome job. I did all the particle, ice shattering, and Maya fluid simulations in the Iceberg avalanche shots in Soltace. Some instanced particle work on Zing. Breakdowns and links for both commercials are below. They can be downloaded as well. Enjoy.



Very cool indeed. Great to see the breakdowns.
Wrigley’s 5 seems to be a very nice client, willing to experiment.


I love these adverts, tasty too.
Really interesting to see how these were done, I prefer the “Solstice” advert, composited really well :slight_smile:
looking forward to see more of your work.


Wow this was awesome. Great to see then breakdowns. And the final result is amazing indepthe and mood. Great work guys. Top notch spots!




Appreciate the feedback. Glad you liked them.


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