Wreck Of Esperance, Raphael Lacoste (3D)


Title: Wreck Of Esperance
Name: Raphael Lacoste
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max

I had this picture in mind while reading the book on Endurance’s expedition in arctic (1914)
I took some inspiration also in the Art of Gaspard Friedrich Ice seas…
hope you’ll enjoy it,
best :stuck_out_tongue:
>> Hi resolution image <<


WOW!, just WOW… Totally nailed the scene :slight_smile: gorgeous atmosphere… I really like the fact you used the nice orange keylighting, and still managed to keep the scene “cold”

good job



I agree with the above. I actually feel colder after seeing this and want some cocoa now. I would like to see a more high rez version to depict all of the miniscule details. How long to render? How much post? Again, awesome work.


Gorgeous detail and excellent lighting. The ice looks a little too much like rock rather than ice for my taste but still a great render.


hi guys I have just Uploaded the High rez version, see on the first post,




Whe looking at the Hi-Res image it says Matte_* what part of it is Matte?


Impressive work:applause:
i liked too much


This is great work. nice composition…


A very nice secen yo have here… the only thing maby i could crit is a little reflection on the Ice. but thats about it.


WOW … please show us a wire.


:bounce: First-class! :bounce: In the beginning I’ma thouth it’s a canvas! :eek: :thumbsup:


hey el rafo! f***ing gorgeous! :drool:
thats a scene impression and a very unusual motive.
put up small highlights on the ice (looks like concrete) and/or a wind carrying some light clouds of ice crystals/snow. this would take the image to superior quality.
4 stars


Gorgeous with a capital “G”:applause:

gr8 lighting and the scene the concept…blends beautifully with the bckgrnd:thumbsup:


Really love the whole atmpsphere …also the rocks looks great
keep it up Lacoste :thumbsup:


very cool man, i like this. :twisted:


Really great work!:thumbsup:
I think it’s 100% Award.


That´s a brilliant work. Very well done.


So amazingly painterly- and not Cinema 4D (just so everyone knows- i don’t use cinema 4d- but I like its render- no need to start a software argument). This is a great work of art- I look forward to seeing further posts from you



hi! El Rafo, you are a great artist! i love your work very much! look like paint illustration, nice lighting, compositing and mood! yup, i really enjoy to see your work!:bounce:

*by the way, can i know your image is fully render in 3dmax or have touch up in photoshop? i really hope can learn from you!


“C’est excellent, le travail de la lumiére est impressionant et j’adore les blocs de glace , dans la compo ça déchire.”

Very good work dud . The lighting is great , the render is … incredible.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: