WRATH 3-D Horror Comic


Hello all,

Im launching a 3D sculpted comic book this October called Wrath. Im using Zbrush, Blender, Gimp and Photoshop for its creation.

I'll drop off WIP panels and promo art in this thread.

The website for the comic is [www.wrathcomic.com](http://www.wrathcomic.com)

Facebook and Twitter here: [https://www.facebook.com/WrathComic](http://www.facebook.com/WrathComic) and https://twitter.com/wrathcomic
Feedback is welcome and appreciated!


George King - Supporting Character


Nate Mira, the story’s protagonist


im starting to like the slight inked look. it highlights details nicely. i want to find a balance between it and complete 3D.


Some more panel work


I was able to get my 3D turntables live on the site.

View them here: http://www.wrathcomic.com/index.php/blog/15-omega-strike-3-d-turntable


New panel done today.

Attached Thumbnails


full panel with the background


Work in progress panel


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