Wrap Deformers not working with Unity


Hi, I have a big problem with my model. I created it in Maya. It has a main body and a leotard as clothing with is attached to the main body of my model with a Wrap deformer. It works fine in Maya. Problem is that the wrap deformer means nothing to Unity so it doesn’t work. Now, the clothes do not move with the model. Apparently, Unity does not yet support deformers.

Any ideas how I could get around this? I’ve tried copying my body weights to the clothing, but doesn’t work. It caused all sorts of weight confusion and weird deformities.


lol , do “clusters” work in unity ? or other non-linear deformers , like bend-deformers ? ( just joking ! all these deformers won’t work in unity )

seriously , skin the cloth-geo and “copy skinweights”.


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