Wrap Deformer Problem


I have a rig which incorporates a wrap deformer in Maya to save point
weighting on a heavy feathered wing. The low res deformer object is
smooth-bound to the bones in the wing, and deforms the high res wing
geo in turn. This all works fine at a scale of one, but the deformations
of the high-res wing get mangled when the scale changes. All this geo
(the high-res wings, the low-res deformer objects and the wrap deformer
base objects) is grouped under a no-touch node in the hierarchy, and
therefore not getting scaled except through the skin cluster.

The undesireable results I’m getting don’t look so much like a double-
transform, in that the high-res object scales more-or-less as expected,
its just that the high-res wing gets kind of mangled and ugly looking.
Even after the scale, the low-res object looks fine.

I’ve tried various permutations, i.e. putting the deformer base under
the scaling node, but nothing so far has helped. Anybody ever dealt
with this successfully?




Sounds pretty weird. It sounds like somthing its somthing simple (double transform), but from what you describe, it sounds like it might be somthing else. If you are still having this problem perhaps you can post a scene file with the wing in it.

I see this thread has not been added to for ages but i thought that id just add a solution in case other people have this problem and they are searching the forum.

basically, wrap deformers dont scale very well because the influence of the wrap is based on the distance between the wrap mesh and the driven mesh, and when these are scaled the max distance value has to be changed as well. this can be a bit difficult so an alternative solution is this...

to solve this it is best to delete your wrap, scale the rig to the size you want and then scale the wrap by the same amount. Make sure that the scale pivots of your rig and your wrap deformer are in the same place and they will line up as they should. Then simply re apply the wrap deformer as it was before.


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