wrap deformer major problem!


has anyone come across this?

I have a wrap deformer influencing an object, the wrap deformer is skinned to joints… when joints are scaled down the wrapped object turns all “spikey”… whats up?

try it: make a sphere, dup it and use it as a wrap, skin the wrap to joint, scale joint down…:eek:


thanks for any help!


i’ve tried it using your little test. I used nurbs spheres. i didn’t get the spikiness, I did get clean scaling in that regard. But the problem i encountered is that different verts seem to be affected more than others by the wrap. When i scaled the sphere down, the top and bottom verts of the sphere (the poles if you will) scaled down more than the rest of the verts causing a little pinching at the poles.

Sorry i couldn’t be more help man. maybe someone else has a better idea of what may be the issue.


Your deformation order is out of sync on the mesh :slight_smile:

You are calculating the wrap deform before you are calculating the skinCluster! Right click your object, choose Inputs and go to All Inputs… you will see your wrap deformer and your skinCluster in the window, move your wrap deformer below the skinCluster (middle mouse button, click & hold, drag below skinCluster).

Basically it’s just inheriting transforms down the hierarchy type deal.

Now just out of curiosity why are you skinning the wrap deformer to the bones? Would usually just want to skin the base mesh to your joints and then wrap deform the other mesh overtop and have that driven by the base mesh…




oh man, its been too long since i’ve been in maya-land. I miss maya at times like this!! We use proprietary software here and it looks like my maya mind is farther away than i thought. Time to get back into it tonight.

yes, shawn, you are correct on every point. :wise:


yes, I have heard wonderous stories of the software you’re using over there :expressionless: heh…you DO need to get back into Maya! :stuck_out_tongue:



wish i could attach a scene for you… I am skinning the wrap object, and the wrap object is deforming the mesh object… the mesh is not skinned… i do this cuz my wrap object is easier to paint weights to (less verts)… the inputs for my MESH object only include the wrap deformer, no skin.
… when i scale down the joints that the WRAP is skinned with the MESH object turns to a spikey ball o crap…

if you don’t get the same results than maybe i got something else happining, and i dont wanna waste any more of your time guys, thanks for your help!


hey man,

I follow what you’re saying and the only thing I can suggest is reverse your working method. You don’t want to wrap deform a low res object onto a highres mesh, you’ll want to do it the other way around and have the weights of the lowres driving a highres version…The general safety rule is that you can usually wrap up but not down…Seems like Maya is trying to de-res your mesh object because it’s getting confused inputs.

Maybe try detaching the original skin, stringing up the low res as your skin and wrap deforming your high res…that should work perfectly without any errors (you will probably want to export the weights and try re-importing them).


edit this just popped into my head but how are you scaling? Just grabbing joints and scaling? If so, try grouping the stuff before scaling it and keeping it all intact…just a thought!


ungh… man i guess i’m not explaining this well…

thats what i’m doing, driving a high res mesh with a low res wrap deformer mesh, the low res wrap deformer mesh is skinned, and when you scale the joints down the high res object will turn to crap…


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