Wrap cup with dieline design


Task should be very easy. I got design with dieline from client. The design is going to be wrapped on a cup. Around 360 of the surface. I got the physical cup so i took measures and model it.
Cause the dieline is curved, i cant get the ends to meet up in cylindric projection or with uv mapping.
Shouldnt the dieline be flat not curved? Did i get the wrong dieline? How would i go about?

I’m blown away not getting this to work.

the image of the cup is just found on internet , but its close and posted just to show the shape of the object.
My design should go around 360 degrees


This video may help out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UotyT2CXjvw


Noseman is the boss. Thanks for the link!


One thing I did years ago for this was to pre-stretch the texture back into a cylindrical map. ie.

Take a plane
Bend it into the curved shape of your texture
Project the texture down onto the geometry and generate UVs
Unbend the plane back to a rectangle
Render out rectangle image

You now have a pre-distorted texture that you can simply cylindrical map to your cup.


Hmm interesting. Thanks, i will try that aswell for sure.