Wow. Lighting is hard...


Hi, I’m trying to light my scene but I simply can’t get a good result. I want to render a bright sunny day light, but my image is just badly lit
The background is a image plane with a png file attached but I don’t know why it is darkened. The original is in a nice blue sky color.

Here’s the image in question. I’m using mental ray to render this and I’ve created a sun light with mental ray.

I’m weak on texturing also. The texture on the rock is just very poor.
When you guys look at this image, what do you think I could improve ? (and how)
And why is the background grayed out?


It seems you have the sun in zenith, try rotating it around a bit and you’ll get less light and a more interesting angle for shadows.

(And/or) try changing your background to using a hdri (also on the indirect lighting options), as your sky should be visible in the reflections on the door as well.

(Check you scene scale.)

You could increase the color gain on the background texture if you want it to be brighter.

As for getting it to look better try making the angles on the model softer (never sharp 90 degrees, looks CG) and use textures adapted for your object and it’s uv-coordinates so that you can add wear and tear.


Thanks for the advices, i’m going to try them out.

But, what do you mean by this:


Check your unit type (cm) and try a measure tool so you know that your objects are approximately the size you want them to be.


Well, while modeling I didn’t cared about that. The scale was based on a character I had previously modeled. Why does it matter the scale? Will this have any impact on the rendering?


Color gain on the background image is already maxed out at 1.0 white. What else could be making the image grayed out?

Here’s the original image for reference.


does the light shining on your background have a ‘decay rate’? If it’s set to Linear, then the problem may just be low light on your Sky image. If the decay rate is set to “No Decay” then the problem might be the angle the light’s shining on it.

And yeah, lighting can be tough. Have you checked out the Lighting Challenges in these forums? They’re a good place for practice if you need some scenes to light :slight_smile:


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