Would Pixar Bring Marvel's Characters to Life?


"Marvel Enterprises has met with Pixar – and nearly every producer – about translating more of its comic book characters into filmed entertainment, said Marvel vice chairman Peter Cunio on Tuesday.

Cunio, speaking at Emerald Asset Management’s 11th annual Groundhog Day Investment Forum in Philadelphia, said Marvel and Pixar have something in common in terms of their track records in film.

“Pixar has an incredible record,” said Cunio, referring to the company’s five blockbusters in five tries in partnership with The Walt Disney Co.

“We’re seven for seven right now,” Cunio said, referring to movies including “Hulk” and “Spider-Man” made in partnership with various studios. “As long as we continue to make good films, we’ll be successful. It has nothing to do with the genre wearing out.” "




that would be a nice new project for Pixar, but who would they do? a lot of the good ones have been taken already.


This is a little off the topic…

I would love to see Pixar translate Jeff Smith’s “Bone” to the big screen ,since there perfect for that project.


My vote would be for Pixar to do Thor and the whole Valhalla realm.

oooh, mama…


Doesn’t quite gel with their style to me; could be wrong, but I don’t quite see them going in the ‘Superhero’ type direction :shrug:



[QUOTE]Doesn’t quite gel with their style to me; could be wrong, but I don’t quite see them going in the ‘Superhero’ type direction

Hehe… um…
That was sarcasm right? :slight_smile:


Well, No :slight_smile:
Outside of ‘Sulley’(‘Monsters Inc.’) ‘Buzz Lightyear’ (‘Toy Story’)and ‘The Incredibles’(Brilliant!), I just couldn’t envisage Pixar’s team developing their style comfortably alongside that of ‘Marvel Enterprises’… :shrug:



I think it wouold be cool to see a CG film with Ghost Rider or The Human Torche just to see the flame effects :drool:


Originally posted by Atwooki
[B]Doesn’t quite gel with their style to me; could be wrong, but I don’t quite see them going in the ‘Superhero’ type direction :shrug:

Atwooki [/B]

I agree. A movie like that wouldn’t be a ‘real’ Pixar-movie to me.


I love Pixar’s films, who doesn’t? The animation and story telling is turely amazing. Personally, I prefer more realistic stuff though (Hulk, Gollum…) and I always wonder what Pixar could do with something more realistc. Their style seems to dance on that line sometimes. I think it would do them good if they ventured into other areas such as that. They will have to change/add styles eventually, otherwise they may become a new century Disney and people will one day stop watching their stuff.


Personally I hope that Pixar sticks with original properties instead of licensed properties, since they have done so brilliantly with that approach so far. I’d rather see new creations than reinterpreted ones.

I’m sure there are other studios out there though that can do good 3D versions of Marvel’s, DC’s, or other comic book properties. It’s definately a genre I’m interested in watching. :slight_smile:

Michael Duffy


Originally posted by Atwooki
[B]Doesn’t quite gel with their style to me; could be wrong, but I don’t quite see them going in the ‘Superhero’ type direction :shrug:

Atwooki [/B]

What he said.


i agree with atwooki.

pixar makes aloof type pictures, not afraid of being the center of joke type movie, whereas marvel its like this guy is big badass superhero cause were tellin you so, so don’t laugh anywhere in this film, spider man and hulk were both gay anyway.


i dbl posted so here is somethin humourous.

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haha i liked spiderman and hulk they were badass and they arent supposed to be funny the heroes are supposed to have issues that’s what makes them relatable, they aren’t perfect lol anyways i think pixar would do good on a marvel film youve seen it in the past the only way for people companies etc to stay afloat is to evolve, versatility=marketability the more genres they can market themselves to the more money they can make w00t w00t, which means more money for them to throw around on thier own independent creations.


gunslingerblack :
Had to draw breath after that post :surprised

look under the : (on the same key):
it’s called a semi-colon) :slight_smile:



haha i love the internet cuz punctuation isn’t required, as for you drawing a breath WHO SAID U HAD TO READ IT OUT LOUD hahahaha

can you feel the sarcasm? it’s almost as strong as my sakki


I think Pixar is not afraid to try any style of animation, comedy or serious, just like any respectable actor broadens his horizons by trying diverse roles. See how they teased us with a first aproach to musical in Boundin. It looked so great it was painfull to see it stop abruptly. So i think in time we will see many surprises from Pixar, under new collaborations with other companies such as Marvel.


I think my point was missed entirely, I’m not saying pixar can’t do a marvel movie, I just think they would have to dumbify themselves a bit to do it. In other words in terms of a creative and technical challenge, its beneath them. their movies have a lot good thought put behind them. its amazing how for me being 24 years of age I am entertained by pixar movies regardless of how many times I see them and the reason is after a few times of repeated watching the cg stuff takes a back seat to other areas of the movie, clever dialogue, humurous plots (not talkin about cheesy one liners) and the overall evolution of an idea, this may sound vague but spider man at the beginning of movie is the same spiderman at the end of movie, nothing change. the characters in pixar movies have tendency to grow emotionally and intellectually, way more relatable than lame spandex wearin dude who saves the world and get the girl.

marvel characters do one thing only - save the world get the girl or destroy world get paid.


I don’t agree with you nobrain. While Pixar makes great movies, there are better movies out there. Just not in the realm of CG cartoons (or any cartoons imo). In defense of Marvels movies, Spiderman outgrossed all of Pixars films. There is a broader audiance for some comic stories because these are characters todays young adults grew up with. I know a lot of people that don’t go see Pixar movies because they don’t have kids. I also do not think a venture like this (however unlikey for Pixar) would in any way be below any studio. If it is your job to make entertainment, content better not directly relate to your skill. I personally would love to see the talent at Pixar take on something like this.

Another thought to this is that Pixar has established a name in the PG film market. There could be some angy parents if they started making films that weren’t PG. Just a thought