Would like some help - need a starting point


Hi, hope this is in the right forum.

I am a comlete noob to photoshop…picked it up about a year or so ago, worked with it a little, and kinda let it go for a bit.

What I would like to do is somethign like this:


Can someone kindly direct me on how to get started? Say I have just a black bckrd… in order to create something like the above, what do I need to do first… what too do I grab, and then what?

Thank you so much!


Start by creating the shape itself. It could be hand drawn, but using pen tool is probably more civilized :stuck_out_tongue:



You can always make the background black after you make the line or whatever it is.


Thanks for the responses guys.

Use the pen tool - and what… draw it freehand? I tried that, and it didnt turn out too well. :frowning: Too off kilter…not even and not nearly symmetrical…


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