Worth enough?, Radoslav Zilinsky (3D)


And here absolutly first initial sketch hehe, just rought composition


Simply brilliant! From the idea to the amazing details. Congratulations! *5 stars!


I’d say “omg amazing”, but everybody else said that already ^^.

Absolutely unbelievable. You rarely see one of those beauties, even here on cgtalk.

Just curious, on what machine did you render this, and how long did it take?


and some screenshots from scene


doylle - Luckyly, I have got just a new Quad with 4gb ram before I rendered it out. It took apx 20 hours to render (on my old 2hgz machine it would be 160 hours, lol), mainly because the MTD displacement which is on the whole lower half of the picture, and combination of MTD, blurry-anisotropic reflection on the upper part of the water :slight_smile: also the original render is 3500x4668


Firstly let me say that this is awsome, staggeringly detailed and beautiful.

But I still have some small crits.

In your impressive hi-res picture i can see parts which dont look as high quality as others, for instance, at the lower left hand corner, the trees and grass have a pc game look about them, i’m pretty sure i can see textures strected over planes in there.

Some of the ropes holding the bridge look like candy sticks to me and the ridges in the rope are exadurated.

The waterfalls at the bottom right don’t look as real as the water effects further away, and the water coming out of the pipes, at the highest resolution look like steam. I know water turns to vapour sometimes when it falls but yours looks like its vapour/fully-turbulent coming out of the pipes IMO.

There is a badly places tee over the windmill, i cant tell whether its in the background or physically growing off the windmill in the foreground. Obviously its the former, but still, it played tricks on my eyes.

Some of the rocks at the very bottom have an overly CG look about them, maybe the textures are a bit streched, its a tiny crit.

Sheep dont look that wooly at hi-res. Horses legs look a bit strange.

I’m really having to look hard to find problems. When you get brilliant work you get hard crit.

Awsoem stuff anyway!


Excellent work! The details and concept are amazing, however I still have some critics:

Overall I think that increasing the contrast migh improve the impression. Also, I find the background more cut off than necessary, looks a bit unnaturally to me.
I also agree with some stuff written above - the waterfalls, rope etc.

However, as said before, really wonderul piece!!!


Great work!



HUGE! Not my cup of tea but something that really surprised me. Man, how can you keep working on such a complex scenes? Great Job! 5*, congrats for plug and I believe in award for this!


Fantastic work man i like it alot!!

nice details too… 5 stars :slight_smile:


beautifully done! too much lovely details, i really like it!


Your work is insane man… very beatiful. I can’t imagine the amount of work that you had to do this… Congratulations!


Incredible attention to detail! Great piece! 5 Stars.


Very good work and nice details :thumbsup:


Mamma mia!! What an impressive image!! i really love the contrast between the futuristic city and the poor village

Congrats and my vote for an award


omg i cant even finish a small projects thats absolutly insane bro… O M G! lol… keep up the great work idk how you got so much detail int here man do you by chance have a work time estimate? lol… g r R E A T !


this is really something special, the mood setting is really amazing, massive props!


Very well done Rado. Congrats. Worth enough! :wink:


Thank you guys. Especially you marek :wink:


Great work man and good idea *****