Worth enough?, Radoslav Zilinsky (3D)


Holy mother of god…, awesome job! This piece deserves an award, +5 stars.


THANK YOU GUYS :slight_smile: love to hear that you like it

Wen-Jr - the postprocess was adequate for the size of the image. It was rendered in several pases. The fog was added and colorized in post, etc. As for panting, the 99.9% of the pisture is modeled, I painted just few effects like, haze around the water and waterfalls, smoke coming from fire, rainbow etc.

I will post a wire/shade later today…


5 *
Amazing work … the detailing is very good,texturing is even fantastic, but what i like the most about ur piece is the mood it weaves by blending a perfect contast of two ages.Can see u have a put a lot of effort into creating it, great job,


you are asking the wrong question…this is exceptional work and truly worth! can u post about how u conceptualised the artwork and what all difficulties u faced and things like that; I am sure lots of ppl are there like me who would love to read about the achievement. Can’t wait for more such Stupendous work! Keep them coming definitely worth the wait :wink:


Truly inspiring! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
nice to see some exceptional work apart from routine character stuff,
u have achieved a piece in blending 2 different ages,would really like to know the time spent and difficulties that u faced making and ofcourse the inspiration to work on!
whats the poly count and render time,and ofcourse ur machine conf*
would like to see wireframes, and sure this is worth enough to get an award…! :deal:
Worth 5 stars ***** :smiley:


very well done! especially all the detail…
5* from me!


frontpage. period.


you are not human pal!

merry christmas!


The amount of detail is something I’ve never seen before, it’s like 20 projects in one. Good job!


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: good job


Holy god! Incredible detail, realism, even the concept is awesome (contrast of old and new). This is one of the best pieces I’ve seen in a long time. Please get put on the front page.


Awesome ! 5 Stars


Incredible, the High res have to be seen cause you put so much details in it ! Congratulation for this work it is perfect for me. 5 stars !


perfect job nice details almost water:thumbsup: superb composition


Very well done! i can see why this piece of work took a year to finish, the end result is very impressive to say the least, and that’s probably a understatement. The attention to detail is outstanding on it’s own. :slight_smile:

You deserve all those five stars given to you for this one.

/ Magnus


Sweet Lord, the detail is insane. And apart from that I also love the concept. Kinda reminds me of the manga movie Battle Angel Alita. Wouldn’t see why I shouldn’t give this 5 stars. Amazing job.


This defies description. All I can do is sit here with my mouth hanging open…





Need I say more? :thumbsup:


thanks guys



man thi is absolutly amazing , 5 star for me. :bounce: :deal: :deal: