Worn edges


Just found a new great plugin


It was published in an german magazine


I did try a couple of days ago, and it is pretty slick:)

But a warning, do work on a copy of your work (and don’t run any other app as well)

It -does- occationaly make the computer hard crash.



hmm very cool but the download doens’t seem to work for me.


This is a great find! VERY cool. I could actually use this on a current project… BUT, unfortunatley, the link to the plugin seems to be dead…

If anyone has it, maybe you could post a working link?

I saw on other forums a few references to the link being dead, and then alive again… but right now it’s dead.


Seems to be a mis-spelling on the URL

Found this one by experimentation - see if it works for you


Edit: now had a little play with this - nice plugin and I love the little chunks it bites out of things. A bit slow and not completely interactive, but you can do “current state to object” to get a baked version out of it, if it is slowing things down. A lot easier than eroding things manually.


Worked for me! thanks.


That is looking great indeed! Thanks for sharing the link!
And thanks for the warning Lennart!



oh man, it is like winning the lottery! do I have a use/need for this!





Thanks basilisk!


Got it freeze Cinema after about 5 seconds, second time around it worked great! Neat little thing. Too bad the edge has to be over 60°. Like how you can modify the splines.


Sorry guys for such a mess

had a HD crash and was reading some magzines while installing and found this in a german magazine of this month ,so i thought it shouldbe a nice Plug



Don’t be sorry, it’s very useful! As someone mentioned earlier I saved everything before hand and will do so in the future when using it. Can’t think of any other way to get that kind of effect quickly :slight_smile:


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